Survey Says: People Are More Likely to Avoid Companies Who…

Survey Says: People Are More Likely to Avoid Companies Who… In an ideal business scenario, everything would as planned. A product is received or service rendered in a timely fashion … without any hiccups. Everyone is friendly, follows through as they should, and there are no last-minut

10 Ways to Perform Market Research Online… for Free

10 Ways to Perform Market Research Online … for Free So you’re thinking of starting a franchise. Great – amazing – awesome job, and an entire slew of well wishes. Branching out into one’s own business is one of the best, most important decisions we ever make. It can change the tra

Is it Time to Franchise with a Second Brand?

Is it Time to Franchise with a Second Brand? You’ve done it. Congratulations. You ventured out into business ownership, you started a company, and you’ve been very successful at it. So what’s next? Hone your brand and continue to expand? Maybe start up a second (or third or fourth)

When is the Best Time to Buy a Business?

When is the Best Time to Buy a Business? If we’ve learned anything from used car salesmen over the years, it’s that there’s always a “right” time to buy. A right time to buy from the seller, and an even more right time for them to profit. Really, the seller is almost

How Franchises are Innovating by Going Green

How Franchises are Innovating by Going Green When business is constantly competitive (and it generally is), corporate and marketers alike look for ways to get ahead. That often means getting into trends and gimmicks – whether or not they’re relevant to the company. Those who can successfully b

How to Sell an Unknown Brand and Build a Market

How to Sell an Unknown Brand and Build a Market One of the biggest rules in franchising is to not oversaturate a market. If there are already 10 pizza shops in town, chances are you don’t need another pizza shop. No matter how unique its premise may be or how many thousands of toppings can be

8 Hidden Perks to Business Ownership

8 Hidden Perks to Business Ownership When sitting down to make any decision, an informed citizen looks at all sides. They point out the good, the bad, and even the ugly, and then they use those variables to make the smart decision. The one that holds the most perks, eliminates the most cons, and mak

Money Basics: What Pros you Need to Talk to and Why

Money Basics: What Pros you Need to Talk to and Why Numbers are a gift – some of us are born with the ability to use them, others read them as if they were a foreign language. Math is a seemingly natural trait that, like so many other talents, was either given to you or it wasn’t. But on eith

Why Years of Wisdom Might Be Better for Franchise Ownership

Generations ago, folks worked their way up the ladder. Education wasn’t near as helpful as years of experience, and one worked until they couldn’t work anymore. However, changes in opportunities and society adjusted that scene, where retirement became a common norm, and a fancy degree me

Is This the Franchise You’re Looking For? Let’s Find Out!

As a wise Jedi once said, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” With the wave of a hand, his statement was turned into truth. And much like Star Wars, franchising comes with its own set of problems – ones that are likely solved in the heat of the moment, or taug

9 Times to be Very Flexible with Your Franchise

As a business owner, you know things can change at any moment. No matter how set in stone plans may have been, they are always subject to change. That’s not only a part of life, it’s a part of business. However, what really matters is how you react to these changes. Panicking and not kno

Why Franchising is a Great Second Career

Congratulations, you retired! With this milestone in place, you can bow out of your previous profession with grace. And move onto more enjoyable ways to spend the day. Such as golf or playing bridge, or whatever other stereotypical activities people have in mind for the retired. But sunning and game

7 Tips When Choosing a Franchise Location

We’ve all been faced with this situation: you’re driving home, you’re busy and tired, and you still need to pick up dinner. Your favorite sandwich shop is miles across town – and you’re simply not willing to face traffic. So you pick somewhere close and convenient. In t

Can You and Should You Operate a Franchise Out of Your Home?

Opening a franchise doesn’t always mean opening physical doors. In fact, there are plenty of successful business models that are run through virtual or home-based locations. Simply from running logistics or how a business is set up – whether Internet-based, etc. – there are so many

Jessica Alba allows video cameras inside her business.

Jessica Alba is an American actress and author with starring roles in both film and television. She’s also a business owner. Ms. Alba’s company is The Honest Company, a company that offers home, health & beauty, and fashion products that are ecologically friendly and healthful. Ms. Alba is candi

How a franchised restaurant chain uses social media to promote their business

Franchise organizations can explore more opportunities when it comes to marketing due to the combined efforts and budgets of the franchisees. Social media is a very hot marketing arena. Below is an illustration of an outstanding use of social media by a franchise organization, Menchie’s  Frozen

Franchise Owner Profile: i9 Sports – Chris Novak, East Oakland County, MI

Sports are one of America’s favorite pastimes and families are seeking activities to foster this love of sports in their children. With activities such as Flag Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer on the rise, the demand for well-run programs continues to grow. Recently celebrating their

Celebrities Own and Operate Franchises

They say a fool is quickly separated from his money. Everybody’s heard about athletes, singers and actors who have lost fortunes due to poor investment choices. A growing trend among celebrities is to invest in franchises to protect their savings and to generate income. Celebrities aren’

Senior Care Industry Growth

Health facilities that provide services for senior citizens have seen a sharp increase in success in the United States over the past decade. An aging population requires more assistance than ever before, and people who choose to seize the opportunity to provide care for the elderly can enjoy the ben

What is Net Worth?

Net worth is a financial metric used for determining financial health in both personal and business finance. Net worth is defined as the value remaining after you add up all the assets and subtract all outstanding debt (liabilities). This number is like a snap shot, it represents a specific date an

Can my business pay for my car?

If I get a vehicle to use in my business, can I use it for personal use? Behold the value of being a small business owner. Your business will pay for things that you use yourself in your daily life that you previously had to pay for out of personal funds. A vehicle is one of the biggest household ex