Comfort as a Business: Franchises That are Cashing In on Being Cozy

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Comfort as a Business: Franchises That are Cashing In on Being Cozy
In terms of comfort, there can be all definitions of the term. There are types of being comfortable that apply only to what we wear or our surroundings: think sweatpants, in a recliner, while drinking a hot cocoa and snuggling under a fluffy blanket … next to the fireplace. With some serious next-level comfort, it's an idea that consumers can get behind. Because, really, what type of person doesn't want to be that comfortable at all times?
In other aspects, you're dealing more with peace of mind. Ensuing the front door is locked, that your garage door is closed, knowing you'll have enough funds for retirement, and so on. It's a different type of comfort altogether, but likely even more important than the one above.
After all, businesses to ensure these types of "comforts" have been around for decades. Including financial advisors, home security gurus, as well as those who fix and defend your computers from any looming dangers. Then there are cleaning services, restaurants whipping up our favorite dishes, and more. Depending on your personal level of comfort, you might consider permanent eyelashes necessary, or ready access to the neighborhood gym.
However, just because the former definition of comfort might be considered less pressing (depending on who you ask, that is), doesn't mean it can't be a viable source of income. In fact, companies are making their way into the franchising scene by doing just that: helping folks get and stay cozy.
"Superficial" Comfort as a Business
Clothing brands – one way consumers are getting comfy is through their clothes. More popular among women, said franchises are taking soft clothing to the next level: they're making it dressy. With brands like LuLaRoe, trends like leggings, and brands that are making cozy more accessible, ladies no longer have to choose between dressing up or feeling good throughout the day.
In the franchise world, this can range from expanding the buying market in a brick-and-mortar facility, to in-home or even online sales that are promoted by a salesperson and her hostess.
Sleeping – in a pillow or mattress, everyone wants something different. But thanks to chains who are supplying the general public with all of their sleeping gear, shoppers can test out feels until they have found their very own bed. That is, one that fits just right.
Here, stores are often brick and mortar, though online sales also exist, including franchisees that partner with brands. Or, sell various comfort products in a co-brand setting.
Airport Amenities – anyone who has ever traveled knows how terrible it feels to forget something on their trip. Or, to be stuck in limbo without the ability to rest or clean up in private. But thanks to a new wave of franchises, that's not longer the case. Brands are offering up creative and effective solutions, from personal sleeping pods, to large personalized water closets, to vending machines selling phone chargers and neck pillows.
If it's something you might want or need on a trip, chances are these comfort franchises are finding a way to put it in each and every airport.
Baby Gear Rental – also in the realm of travel comes the need for your child's supplies. It can be difficult to pack along baby's entire repertoire. They need a car seat, a stroller, some type of sleeping apparatus (depending on age), a special chair for eating … and that's only for basic functions. Rather than having parents load up all of these goods, rental companies are allowing them to rent out equipment by the day. Oftentimes, this gear is delivered to ensure as little stress will fall on the parents as possible.
Not only do these items prove baby to be comfortable (and safe!), they allow an added bit of relaxation for mom and dad.
What's best of all about these comfort-based franchises, however, is they are making lives easier – while bringing in an impressive income. If you're ready to start bringing cozy aspects to others, consider one of these companies.

By Jason Hightower | Feb 07, 2017 | General Franchise Information