Why Franchising is the Most Fulfilling Career You’ll Ever Have

If you’re on the fence about starting your own franchise business, we’re here to push you over the edge! In a good way, that is. Franchising as a career comes with so many rewards, and understanding the biggest ones can help push you in the right direction as a future business owner. This includes f

Top 10 Franchise Categories

Top 10 Franchise Categories Wondering what types of franchises are positioned for growth in the years ahead? With more than 4,000 franchise brands in the United States, choosing where to make an investment can overwhelm most prospective franchise owners. A good place to start your search is with t

Jessica Alba allows video cameras inside her business.

Jessica Alba is an American actress and author with starring roles in both film and television. She’s also a business owner. Ms. Alba’s company is The Honest Company, a company that offers home, health & beauty, and fashion products that are ecologically friendly and healthful. Ms. Alba is candi

How a franchised restaurant chain uses social media to promote their business

Franchise organizations can explore more opportunities when it comes to marketing due to the combined efforts and budgets of the franchisees. Social media is a very hot marketing arena. Below is an illustration of an outstanding use of social media by a franchise organization, Menchie’s  Frozen

Franchise Owner Profile: i9 Sports – Chris Novak, East Oakland County, MI

Sports are one of America’s favorite pastimes and families are seeking activities to foster this love of sports in their children. With activities such as Flag Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer on the rise, the demand for well-run programs continues to grow. Recently celebrating their

Celebrities Own and Operate Franchises

They say a fool is quickly separated from his money. Everybody’s heard about athletes, singers and actors who have lost fortunes due to poor investment choices. A growing trend among celebrities is to invest in franchises to protect their savings and to generate income. Celebrities aren’

Senior Care Industry Growth

Health facilities that provide services for senior citizens have seen a sharp increase in success in the United States over the past decade. An aging population requires more assistance than ever before, and people who choose to seize the opportunity to provide care for the elderly can enjoy the ben