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You don't have to spend a ton of money to own your own business. Have fun looking at a diverse group of franchises priced under a $20,000 initial cash investment. It is wise to compare and contrast several different lower cost franchises with buy in costs of up to $20K carefully, so we recommend requesting more free information from any that pique your interest.
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Affordable Franchise Options

Starting a new business is a thrill unlike any other. There is something about the idea of trying to make your own way in the world with a new venture that provides all the motivation needed to put in the hard work and long hours required. If you just can’t wait to start a new franchise business but you only have a modest amount of money saved for the venture, there are still plenty of great opportunities available.

Some franchise options are going to be off the table when you are limited by your budget to under $20,000. Don’t worry about those businesses that you can’t afford at the moment, however—just focus on making a great pick from those in your price range. Some popular franchise opportunities at this low price include travel planning businesses, events franchises, real estate ventures, and more.

Why Start a Franchise for Under $20,000?

The obvious answer here is that you may not have more than $20,000 available. But that’s not the only reason to start a business for a low upfront cost. Even if you have more capital available, you may plan on running this as a side project, so you want to keep your investment low to minimize risk. There is no reason to think you can’t grow a profitable business out of something that starts off with a modest investment, so these business opportunities are just as exciting as those that cost much more.

Exploring the Franchise Model

In general, no matter the investment level, there is a lot to love about franchising. One of the hardest parts of starting a new business is creating brand recognition. The good news is that the existing franchise will already have done much of that work for you. That’s not to say that opening a franchise location is a slam dunk success, of course, but you will have a leg up as compared to going into it alone.

If you’re new to the franchise model, here are some resources to help you get started on the right foot:

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Franchises Opportunities Under $20,000