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One of the biggest determining factors in what kind of business you can start—franchise or otherwise—is how much money you have available to invest in the venture. Of course, having a significant amount of cash opens up many possibilities, but even a relatively modest investment can make exciting things possible. For those looking to spend under $100,000 on a franchise, we have a superb collection of business opportunities to choose from. Find a diverse selection of businesses and franchises under $100K in initial cash. Search now and find your dream business to own!
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Potential Markets to Explore

With an investment of up to $100,000 available to start your new business, you will have plenty of options on the table. While $100K isn’t a tremendous sum of money in the business world, it is enough to get you started with many different types of franchise opportunities. For example, an insurance agency may fall under this limit, as could something like a consulting business. You might even be able to start a restaurant, although squeezing that project into this budget could be a tight fit. Of course, there are many other possibilities as well—simply browse through our listings to find the best opportunity for you!

The Power of Limiting Your Investment

When a business investment gets to a certain size, it can become something of an all-or-nothing venture. In other words, the new business owner is going all-in on the project, without much of a backup plan in place. That’s not a nice place to be, as it places incredible stress on the whole situation. It’s better to have fallback options if your business isn’t the success you hoped it would be, which is why keeping your investment modest is such a wise approach.

Be True to Yourself

Perhaps the best thing a new franchise owner can do is enter a market where personal experience and knowledge already exist. In other words, play to your strengths. While considering franchises under $100,000, review any possibilities that relate to things you’ve done previously, or things you enjoy. With a solid business plan in place and an existing passion fueling your fire, the sky's the limit for this project.

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Franchises Opportunities Under $100,000