The retail franchising landscape offers a variety of opportunities for entrepreneurs of all ages. However, if you fall within the 35-44 age bracket, you’re part of a demographic that exhibits serious intent and engagement in this field. In this blog, we’ll explore why retail franchising presents a compelling investment opportunity for you.

A Strong Share of Engagement

Our website analytics show that the 35-44 age group accounts for a substantial 29.75% of total page views on our Retail franchising content. This significant engagement highlights the genuine interest among individuals in this age bracket.

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Serious Intent: Zero Bounce Rate

What distinguishes this age group is the remarkable zero bounce rate and an average time of one minute and 18 seconds spent on our Retail pages. These metrics indicate more than just casual interest; they reflect a serious intent to explore retail franchising opportunities.

If you’re in the 35-44 age group and have been contemplating a move into retail franchising, these numbers should serve as your green light. Don’t miss out on an industry where your peers are showing serious intent. Take the next step and explore our comprehensive franchising guides today.

Web vs. App: Catering to Consumer Preferences

Understanding consumer behavior is key to any successful retail franchise, and being in the same age bracket as your target consumer base offers a unique advantage. “35- to 44-year-olds preferred shopping via websites (45%), while 25-to-33-year-olds were most likely to use apps (23%) compared to other age groups.”

For prospective franchisees in the 35-44 age group, this data provides actionable insights. Not only do you inherently understand the preferences and behaviors of consumers in your age bracket, but you can also align your franchise’s online strategy to cater to these specific tendencies. This age-aligned targeting can give you a significant edge, allowing you to focus on web-based platforms that are more likely to resonate with consumers in your age group.

Actionable Steps for Aspiring Franchisees

If you’re considering entering the world of retail franchising, here are some practical steps:

Leverage Your Experience

Use your professional background to your advantage, whether it’s in management, finance, or customer service.

Conduct Thorough Research

Given your likely experience in other fields, make sure to conduct thorough market research to identify the best fit for your skills and interests.

Financial Planning

At this stage in your career, you may have access to more financial resources. Plan carefully to make the most of your investment.

Consult Experts

Even if you’re experienced in business, franchising has its own set of rules. Consult with industry experts to navigate this path successfully.

Franchise Opportunity

Phoenix Ecom offers a streamlined e-commerce platform that complements the serious intent and higher engagement levels seen in the 35-44 age group, making it an ideal franchise choice for those looking to invest in a growing sector. With its focus on leveraging technology for business success, Phoenix Ecom provides an opportunity for those in this age bracket to apply their professional experience in a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.


The 35-44 age group stands out for its serious intent and high level of engagement in retail franchising. If you belong to this demographic, you’re in good company among other experienced professionals considering this field as a worthwhile investment. Now could be the perfect time to take the plunge and invest in a retail franchise.

Posted on Thursday October 12, 2023 by Staff to Franchise Opportunities