8 "Non-Essential" Franchises That Are Growing Strong

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8 "Non-Essential" Franchises That Are Growing Strong
When looking into starting a business of any kind, there are essentially two types of categories. Types of companies that are needed – on whatever type of basis, for instance, vehicle maintenance brands, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. (If you're interested in a gas station franchise, check our list!). They are services that are actually necessary for many daily tasks, like eating or transportation. Then there is another kind of franchises: those that are considered non-essential. Or, those that you don't necessarily need as part of your everyday routine. Restaurants can fall into this section (though their status is often debatable), as do balloon rentals, jewelry stores, and so on. Basically, if services or products can be argued that they aren't a requirement for everyday life, they likely fall into this column B.
Yet, needed or not, these types of companies succeed every single day … and then some. Through marketing tactics and consumers' wish for trying new things, the latter has proven to be an extremely viable business venture. One that new and experienced business owners of all backgrounds are choosing to expand.
For types of industries including:
1. Hygiene Tools and Products
Fancy soaps, electric face washers, and more have all made their way onto the market with successful fashion. As have stores who sell them. Retailers have been finding a great amount of success by offering specialty make ups, facial creams, skin compounds, and so on. While they aren't deemed extremely necessary, they are extremely desired. Franchisees can open up a physical store, offer direct in-home sales, or create a website to fall within this franchising category.
2. Entertainment
People like to have fun. Everything from going to the movies, to getting locked in a room that they have to escape from (yes that's a thing now – that people pay to participate in!), to gear to throw their very own party, can fall into the category of entertainment. It's an area that keeps customers coming back for more, and businesses gaining in growth.
3. Fashion
Clothes, shoes, designer socks, raincoats – if you can wear it, it's likely been flying off of the shelves. But more importantly, that means a growing and surefire type of business for owners of all backgrounds and expertise.
4. Pampering and Self-Maintenance
These types of businesses are greatly successful in that they can range in all types of services, therefore attracting as many consumers as possible. Everything from spas selling massages, to facials, to nail treatments, to barber shops specializing in men's haircuts have proven to be successful franchising industries.
5. Pet Care
Folks love taking care of their pets. Aside from just taking them to the vet, however, that also includes grooming, play dates, exercise, training classes, and so on. Businesses of all locations have found ready success by franchising within this theme and taking care of all types of pets, in all areas of service. Perfect for the pet-loving entrepreneur!
6. Travel Booking and/or Services
Book vacations and earn a living while doing it – sounds pretty great, right? (Even if you're not the one heading to all those exotic locations, at least you get to hear about them!) That might be why so many franchisees have looked toward this same venture – with incredible results along that process, too.
7. Vending Machines and/or Retail Booths
They might be small, but they are also mighty. Behold the seemingly small stand that offers choices to all who pass. Whether selling beverages, foods, or non-edible trinkets, franchisees have found these establishments have become a simple way to offer goods to a wide range of consumers. (Oftentimes, without the high expense of round-the-clock employees, either.)
8. Financial Management
While not everyone might need (or even want) someone else to help manage their funds, there are many who prefer this service. As a necessity, or simply as peace of mind. Either way, it's becoming a growing franchising service throughout the United States, and beyond.
Just because a type of business might not scream "necessity" to all who hear about it, doesn't mean it can't be a thriving venture. If you're looking toward a new professional opportunity, consider the above for unique, yet successful ways to approach company ownership.
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By Bethaney Wallace | Feb 23, 2017 | General Franchise Information