5 Benefits to Franchising in a Rural Location Off the beaten path vs. mainstream

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5 Benefits to Franchising in a Rural Location
Off the beaten path vs. mainstream, it's a consideration that many potential franchisees completely overlook. Rather than deciding on a town for what it has to offer, they opt to start a business near where they live. With an easy commute and minimal adjustment to their current lifestyle (for instance, not having to relocate), it helps make the entire transition an easier one.
But what if there's more business to be found out there? Just by placing your business in an alternate location. This can be done without completely moving or uprooting your life, yet can offer an immense amount of benefits, such as a larger customer base or fewer brands competing.
When setting up your franchise – whether it's your first or your fortieth, look toward location in the beginning stages for a chance at a market you've yet to tap into.
1. Open Where you Like
In rural settings, there are fare fewer businesses than in the big city. This means you've got your choice at real estate locations, buildings, and more. Sure there will be a few town holdouts, but you can gain access to some seriously unique spaces that can bring in business just based on their personality alone. Also, there's no fighting with the landlord over taking hidden or sketch spot off of their hands.
2. There's Less Competition
Fewer businesses in general mean there are less guys out there vetting for your business. Gain peace of mind knowing that the big guys are further away, and that you can win your customers over just by giving them great local service.
3. It's an Easy Second Location (or First)
If you already have a stop in Mainstream, America, going rural can easily add a new franchise location without adding a large amount of travel. Depending on just how close you are, you could even employ the same workers for both stops, and get happy customers to spread your bidding to their friends.
4. It's More Affordable
Forget pricey real estate. With more rural towns, you can gain access to some of the best prices around. Whether you choose to buy or rent, your monthly fees will be at a far more affordable price point. This also means you can get more for your efforts, whether in quality of space, or its size.
5. You Develop a Relationship with Locals
While it might not be a scientifically proven fact, it's hard to argue with the logic that folks are friendlier in smaller towns. This means, when opening up shop, you can develop a closer relationship with those who come inside your doors. You'll get to know them, and vice versa, which is also a recipe for repeat business, loyal reviews, and a growing team of folks who are simply on your side.

By Bethaney Wallace | Feb 21, 2017 | General Franchise Information