8 Old Wives' Tales That Can Help with Big Life Decisions

8 old wives tales

8 Old Wives' Tales That Can Help with Big Life Decisions

Whether or not you believe in them, there's no denying that there is plenty of mental power behind the old wives' tale. Ideas and tradition that show us a new way of doing things – or rather, a very old way – in order to find better efficiency. After all, these methods come with decades of evidence, plenty of word of mouth advertising, and most importantly, they use older or simpler equipment. Which means you can get the same things done for less coin. Sounds pretty great, right? Especially when dealing with a business, where every dime counts, and any down time can mean lost cash. Or, if you're simply deciding which business you should venture into. As it turns out, old wives' tales might help us in more ways than we think.

As the saying goes, "If it's not broken, don't fix it" and these non-broken methods have been helping folks get things done for generations. Check out these backed ideals for working through tasks in ways that have been working for hundreds of years.

1. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

While eating fruit might not make a decision for you, per se, it can most definitely help keep you in better health. There's even stats to prove it. Whether you're still looking for the perfect franchising brand, determining if you should open up a second location, or are wondering who will be the next best manager, look to your own health for an energized and vitamin-filled way to take on that process. With nutrients on your side, you can stay in better shape both physically and mentally, making even the biggest of decisions easier!

2. "It's the Full Moon"

This one might seem a little trippy, but it turns out that humans are trained (or enticed) to act differently around the full moon. This is a reminder to not make any rash or sudden decisions this time of the month – or really, in general. Full moon or not, be sure to look thoroughly at all of your options.

3. Chicken Soup is the Best Medicine

Well, maybe not literally – but that doesn't mean there's not some good logic behind this thinking. While yes, chicken broth is good for you, there's also just something to the comfort of it. Eating something that's near and dear to your soul can do wonders for morale, so when things get stressful, look toward common comforts to raise your spirits and to help make decisions. If you're thinking of owning a chicken franchise, check our comprehensive list!

4. If You See a Rainbow, Make a Wish

It might come true, after all. But if nothing else, placing your faith in that rainbow gives you hope for better days in the future. It can give you the confidence to go after your dreams, and to make the business decision you have really wanted all along – whether or not you knew it.

5. The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

So what are yours telling you? Or more importantly, what are others' eyes telling you? Take a good hard look at anyone you're interviewing for a job, those you're talking with about franchising with, and so on. Just by paying attention and looking into the thoughts of others, there is much to be learned.

6. Yawning is Contagious

It's also the sign of a mediocre idea. If you're chatting with others and they aren't giving their full attention to your idea, it might not be the best business plan you've ever had. In addition to asking loved ones for advice, pay attention to their body language as they answer, not just what they have to say about your potential venture.

7. Placing a Hat on Your Bed Will Bring Bad Luck

So will breaking a mirror, singing before breakfast, opening an umbrella inside the house, and an entire list of additional acts. Whether or not you believe these superstitions is yet to be seen. But you can set yourself up for success by eliminating moves that might actually cause bad luck, such as not prepping your potential business, avoiding proper funding, and so on. Perform your due diligence toward all possible outcomes so you can set yourself up for success, no matter which route you take.

8. Don't Tell a Lie … Or Else

Old wives' tales venture toward all types of terrible outcomes, should one tell a lie. Ranging from tongue pimples, to early onset death, and more, it's safe to say these wives did not want the public telling fibs. But they also have a point: being truthful is common courtesy. It will ensure that all parties can trust you, that you don't have to keep track of who was told which lie, and you'll keep a clear conscious. Besides, it will mean you're putting good vibes out into the universe; hopefully they'll return in the form of a decision well made.

Old wives' tales might get a bad name every now and again, but that doesn't mean they won't help you make the best decisions yet. Look to these common mantras to help create a better business outcome.

By Jason Hightower | Dec 30, 2016 | General Franchise Information