With the global pandemic (finally!) on its way out, many people are finding their way back into their former routines—including getting back to their favorite gyms or spas. They’re also prioritizing self-care more than ever before. For entrepreneurs, these trends mean it’s a great time to explore the resurgent potential of health and fitness franchises.

Where do you begin, though? In this blog, we’re going to discuss wellness spa franchises—what they are, what opportunities they present, and how to find the perfect franchise to invest in.

What Are the 5 Most Popular Spa Treatments?

The year-over-year increase in search traffic related to specific treatments serves as one of the best ways to identify the most popular spa treatments. With that measure in mind, a recent SpaSeekers study found that this year’s most popular spa treatments include:

  1. Light therapy facials, which use LED lighting to help rejuvenate the skin.
  2. Sound baths, and other immersive spa experiences.
  3. Crystal healing massages, which aim to realign the body’s energy for healing purposes.
  4. Yoni steam, an emerging treatment to ease the symptoms of menstruation.
  5. Gold massage, a popular procedure meant to slow the effects of aging.

What Are the Different Types of Spa Franchises?

light therapy

Even within health and fitness franchises, there are several different types of spa franchises to consider. A few of these include:

  • Day Spas | A day spa provides a wide range of activities and treatments for a broad clientele. Rather than being highly specialized or catering to a specific crowd, day spas attract people who are looking for personal care treatments, from massages and facials to amenities like saunas or steam rooms. Popular day spas include Woodhouse Spas and Planet Beach.
  • Massage Therapy Spas | These spas cater to clients looking to relax and recharge. As such, they may offer one specific type or massage, or a wide range that could include hot stone, Swedish, aromatherapy, deep tissue, and other types. Massage Envy, Hand and Stone, and Elements Therapeutic are some of the largest massage chains you can invest in right now.
  • Destination Spas (including Luxury Spa Chains and Luxury Spa Resorts) | While the best destination spas are typically single locations (and not franchises), luxury spa chains and resort franchises provide clients with the best amenities in convenient locations. For example, Marilyn Monroe Spas attracts a sophisticated clientele, promising a luxury resort-type experience.
  • Medical Spas (or Medspas) | This type of day spa provides clients with non-surgical aesthetic medical services. In addition to conventional day spa offerings, many of the largest medspa chains often have medical as well as cosmetic estheticians on hand, broadening their appeal. Among emerging medspa franchises are medspa810 and dermani MEDSPA

Is a Spa Franchise Profitable?

While a spa’s potential profitability ultimately depends on a wide range of factors—including the spa type, for example—spas and other wellness franchises present plenty of opportunity. To make the most of those opportunities, though, it’sso important for aspiring franchisees to consider things like location and demand before making the investment.

That being said, the average spa profit margin is around 10-15%, according to American Spa. Globally, the expected market value for professional spa services in 2023 is projected to be worth nearly $115B, and to grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% between 2023 and 2033. If that projection holds true, that would make the market worth nearly $200B by 2033’s end.

How Can I Make My Spa Business Successful?

Making a spa business successful isn’t too different from making any other type of business successful—but here are three tips that can lay the groundwork for success:

  • Complete Your Due Diligence. This includes researching the franchise, including what it offers its clientele, the support it provides its franchisees, its financial history and/or projections, and so on. The more you know, the better-equipped you will be to evaluate potential opportunities. That way, you can not only find the easiest roads to future success, but the best fit for your interests, lifestyle, and goals as well.
  • Consider Franchising. There are many advantages of franchising that are ideal for novice entrepreneurs. For example, since you don’t have to come up with branding and marketing ideas from scratch, you benefit from an established brand identity. That makes it much easier to get new clients in the door when your spa franchise opens to the public.
  • Be Authentic. The old adage that “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” holds true here—and the most successful spa owners tend to possess a keen interest in personal wellness. In other words, they’re not opening a spa just for the profits. If you have a passion for health and wellness—and are driven to help clients meet their goals and feel their best—that’s a great start. Let your passion shine through as you seek to create the perfect environment and ambience for your spa and the clients will notice.

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