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Marilyn Monroe ™ Spas is leading the industry with groundbreaking new spa formats, services, & packages, our spas attract the loyal, sophisticated clientele that expect the best in their beauty & body maintenance services. We have set ourselves apart in the industry with our iconic branding & a full-service, resort-like spa experience. Learn more!

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Marilyn Monroe Spas
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2024

Minimum Cash Required $200,000
Year Founded 2012

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    Marilyn Monroe Spas - Franchise

    Our Story
    Marilyn Monroe™ is the most glamorous woman of all time. From the girl-next-door to the red carpet, her allure shines through in photos and movies. She is a beauty icon and her image endures around the world. Her global brand awareness has inspired Marilyn Monroe™ Spas founder Niki Bryan, a well-known veteran of the spa industry, to design a new kind of spa experience that embodies the grace and beauty of this beauty icon.

    Niki’s career in the spa industry stretches back to 1981. Inspired by beauty industry icon Aida Grey, Niki brought Beverly Hills-style spa luxury to Orlando, Florida before setting her sights on the hotel and resort spa industry. In the mid-1990’s, she opened spas for Ritz Carlton and other luxury properties, before spending 24 years owning and operating spas at all of the luxury hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

    Following her success at Disney, Niki and her team went looking for the next big opportunity in the spa business. That’s when they learned that Authentic Brands Group was seeking a spa partner with whom they could license the name and likeness of Marilyn Monroe™ in the spa, health, and wellness category.

    With the image of Marilyn Monroe™ as their guide, Niki and her team set out to design a new kind of spa experience, one that brought resort spa experiences to vibrant lifestyle centers located in urban settings.

    Once the vision was established, Niki recognized the need for a strong business partner to help the nascent company achieve this vision. She approached Al Weiss, former President of Disney Parks and Resorts Operations Worldwide, a seasoned executive with a proven track record for driving growth and profitability in the hospitality industry. Weiss had just retired from Disney but had already been named to several prestigious corporate boards and was serving as executive chairman for Great Wolf enterprises. Intrigued by the vision Niki shared, Al ultimately agreed to become executive chairman of Marilyn Monroe™ Spas, and that is just the beginning the the Marilyn Monroe™ Spas franchise story.

    Our Values

    • We are committed to helping develop stylists, technicians, and therapists so they can reach their full potential as professionals.
    • Our goal is to make every customer feel special.
    • We believe our company can make a difference in the world by helping people look and feel better.

    Leverage Our Spa Experience
    Our world-class management team—made up of former Disney executives, experts in the spa and wellness industries, and hospitality authorities with decades of experience—has developed a spa business plan that makes the process of opening a Marilyn Monroe™ Spas franchise streamlined.

    Our spa experience is designed to help you open and own a spa franchise with confidence. Our emerging brand offers a unique franchise opportunity that allows you to get involved in the growing spa franchise industry.

    What makes Marilyn Monroe™Spas a unique salon business opportunity?

    • Completely Inclusive Spa - Marilyn Monroe™ Spas has three main revenue streams—beauty services, massage, and an all-natural product line. Our all-in-one spa format allows us to meet all our customers’ beauty and grooming needs under one roof.
    • Iconic Branding - Marilyn Monroe™ has one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Her iconic name immediately evokes images of glamour and beauty, and her fans all over the world value her approach to beauty. Building our brand around her status as an icon allows us to show our customers what we are all about: timeless beauty, high-quality services, and embodiment of Marilyn’s glamour.
    • Resort-like Experience - Our stunning locations and high-service beauty treatments combine to make the Marilyn Monroe™ Spas experience unlike any other. Our clients love visiting our spas to see our unprecedented approach to cleanliness and receive resort-like spa treatments they love.

    Tap Into Beauty and Wellness Trends
    It used to be that massages and facials were seen as luxuries that only the extremely wealthy could afford, but that attitude is shifting. Massage is especially popular and no longer viewed as a luxury to indulge in only on special occasions. As many as 19% of American adults get a massage once a year.

    Spa goers are more concerned about healthy, sustainable, beauty and wellness more than ever, and spas need to meet that demand with natural products and eco-friendly options. Offering exclusive products comprised of the finest ingredients (including 3-free nail polishes), and an unprecedented approach to hygiene and cleanliness, Marilyn Monroe™ Spas is the premiere choice for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this emerging trend.

    Leverage the growing tide of health and wellness trends by breaking into the spa industry now

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