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WCH Service Bureau - Franchise

Quick Franchise Summary

WCH Service Bureau is the leading company in medical billing, software development, and credentialing. Own your own business in a fast growing market. Start confidentially with WCH Service Bureau. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

WCH Service Bureau
Franchise Cost, Fees & Facts for 2020

Minimum Cash Required$50,000
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Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States


WCH Service Bureau - Franchise Information

Medical Billing, Provider Credentialing, Medical Chart Auditing Services
Billing, Credentialing, Medical Chart Auditing services along with practice management software solutions, allow providers to focus on patient care, instead of being completely involved in process details. By using these services, providers may shift their attention from routine work to develop their practices. Billing companies can aid practices in various ways, including increasing rates, maximize reimbursement, and increase office staff productivity. Those are the reasons big enough to attract new potential customers to your business.

As far as the medical procedures and medical insurances are becoming more and more complicated, doctors and other suppliers of medical services attract the third-party specialists for the solution of administrative tasks related to the processing of payment demands, credentialing and auditing. You may use this growing market needs, by creating your own medical requirements of business billing - as a great employer. Such opportunity is available only in the United States.

Our target is working in close touch with You, together with Your officers in order to increase income and in general to improve Your cash flows utilizing excellent and effective concepts and software which are included in the basis of franchise, which will lead You to Your financial success.

Confident Start with WCH Service Bureau

  • Low Start-Up Costs - There is no high initial investment costs associated with WCH franchise
  • High Profitability - Profitable franchise
  • Work Worldwide - Holders of franchise may work with customer database in any place of the world
  • Multi-Service Company
  • Opportunity to Offer a Variety of Services - You can offer all services, which are the part of WCH Service Bureau’s System
  • Recognized Industry Leader - Since 2001, WCH Service Bureau® has been in business for the last 19 years and has earned an excellent reputation among all of it's business partners
  • More Than 98% First Time Acceptance Rate - Guaranteed first time acceptance rate of 98% of more, which means low rejections rate
  • Large-Scale Company - In addition to the main office located in the US, New York, WCH Service Bureau, Inc. includes several separate branches that are territorially located in different countries
  • Support System - Our Client Support team is dedicated to helping you address and resolve questions and issues

What We Offer

  1. Ready to Use Business Model
    • WCH Service Bureau® offers a ready to use business model along with additional support in signing up new clients.
      We will teach you how to create a profitable business in current economic conditions
  2. Business Development Assistance
    • Support at all the stages of building and running your business
    • Clear and proven steps to success
    • Consulting and help in gaining experience
    • Help in creating a corporate image of the Franchisee
  3. Increased Efficiency with Fully Customizable Software
    • WCH Service Bureau® has developed one of the most innovative software solutions in the healthcare industry
    • Program solutions include - WCH PMBOS©, iSmart EHR©, CredyApp©, Time Management
  4. Software Package
  5. Strong Brand with High Growth Potential
    • Since 2001 on the market
    • Always ethical
    • Easy to work with
    • Innovative
  6. Marketing Support
    • Joint marketing efforts
    • Marketing materials (professionally worked-out brochures, CD's, presentations, and etc.)
    • Web advertising
    • Marketing in social networks
  7. Operations Manuals
    • Business Book
    • Employee Handbook
    • Billing Manual
    • Credentialing Manual
  8. Accompanying by Specialists of WCH Service Bureau on Billing and Provider Credentialing Services
    • Billing, Credentialing and Medical Chart Auditing Services Agreements
    • Business Associate Agreement
    • WCH Billing Forms
    • Letterheads
  9. Technical and Other Support from Our Part
    • For assistance on general issues of Billing, Provider Credentialing and Medical Chart Auditing services
    • Assistance in the proper use of documents and forms
    • Trainings for the billing process and trainings for users of WCH PMBOS© software and iSmart EHR© and CredyApp© software upon installation of theses software programs