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Our Award Winning Decorative Concrete Training School & Leading Innovation Center provides the Best Training & Support you will find! SBC'S top training, products & support are like no other company in the decorative concrete industry! Our Family owned & operated company has a primary focus on offering "Practical Family Business Opportunities."

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Something Better Corporation - Decorative Concrete

Listed below, are a few very practical and affordable business opportunities.
1. Decorative Concrete Business Pro License (MOST ECONOMICAL START!)
2. License To Manufacture & Sell SBC Award Winning Products (4 Unique Products To Choose From)
3. License To Manage An Online SBC Store
4. License To Run An SBC Local Retail Store (Supply Your Location With SBC Tools & Materials)
5. Exclusive Partnership Option (Be Licensed For ALL of the above)

1 - ONE-TIME LICENSE FEE (This Covers The Cost Of obtaining an exclusive license to hold a specific territory. Also covers the cost of the Hands-On Training for you and your staff, Start-Up Tools & Materials Kit, Website Set Up, Initial Advertising Placement on ALL Specific Directory Listing Websites)
Amount varies dependent on territory size & size of start-up Tools & Materials Kit, minimum investment required $5,000.00)
2 - MONTHLY ROYALTY FEES  (This Covers securing exclusive territory rights,  SBC's Portion of Your Sales, Continual Training At Hands-On Classes When Needed, By Video & By phone and email, maintaining and performing necessary updates to your website, updates to your advertisement listings on all directory sites, unlimited tech support and unlimited administrative support)
Amount varies dependent on Business Partnership Option you choose, Fees start at $159.00 to $1000.00 Monthly

A Valuable Business Partnership In The Decorative Concrete Industry

SBC offers the best decorative concrete training, materials & tools in the industry!  Not to mention the excellence in support! This decorative concrete pro business package provides top training, materials, tools & support which will set you up to win!
SBC offers the best decorative concrete training, materials & tools in the industry!  Not to mention the excellence in support! This decorative concrete pro business package provides top training, materials, tools & support which will set you up to win!
1) Registration for 2 People for SBC'S Hands-On Decorative Concrete Pro Course
2) Complete Start-Up Package of SBC'S Materials & Tools (Great for practice before class and this is enough material to complete approximately (17) 32 to 40sq.ft Countertop Overlay Jobs)
Start-Up Package Includes The Following:
  • Marble Coat - 13—25lb Bags
  • Bond Coat - 18—25lb Bags
  • Polymer - 6 – 2 Gallon Buckets
  • Countertop Epoxy -5– 2 Gallon Kits
  • Acrylics - 2 Sets Of 13 In Ea. Set
  • Pigments - 2 Sets Of 10 In Ea. Set
  • Pearlescent - 16oz
  • Large Mica - 8oz Of Ea. Color; Brown/black, White/green & Natural Granite
  • Pixie Dust— 3, 4oz Jars
  • Thin Crystals—3, 4oz Jars
  • Countertop Form Stamp Set (9)
  • Concrete Countertop Crater Vein Insert A
  • Concrete Countertop Crater Vein Insert B
  • Concrete Countertop Vein Insert C
  • Concrete Countertop Crater & Mineral Insert Kit A
  • Concrete Countertop Crystal & Mineral Insert Kit B
  • Concrete Countertop & Vertical Amethyst Insert A
  • Concrete Countertop & Vertical Amethyst Insert B
  • Concrete Countertop & Vertical Amethyst Insert C
3) Professional High -End Business 2016 Website
(Includes Complete Set-Up of your site + SEO Services)
**Website Samples**
4) ONE-ON-ONE Phone Tech Support (even prior to attending class)
5) 15% Minimum Discount on ALL SBC Materials & Tools
6) Advertising Listing In 1 SBC SEO Relevant Directory Website,
Manufacture SBC’s Award Winning Products.
Learn to manufacture SBC's award winning products & obtain an exclusive territory license in your area to sell SBC products. Each product obtains its own license.
1.Wall Panels
4.Large Water Walls
License Fee is $15,000.00 per product.
This Fee covers - Hands-On Training, a Substantial Mold Kit, Website Set-up & Advertising Set-up
Combined License Option 
Best Savings! If you desire to manufacture 2 or more Products, your license fee is greatly reduced!
1) Hands-On Training & Video Training For Your Entire Crew
2) Start-up Mold Kit
3) Your own High-End Business SEO Relevant WEBSITE(includes Set Up & Design of Your Website and Continual SEO. Also Includes Your Hosting Service Fees.
4) Advertising on SBC Websites, including SEO Relevant Directory Websites
5) Locked In Discount pricing on all SBC Materials and Tools
6) Marketing Assistance. (assistance with business cards, brochures, etc.)
7) Life Time Technical & Administrative Support
Remaining 2016 Manufacturing Training Dates:
October 20th & 21st
November 17th & 18th
December 8th & 9th
Classes Are Held On Thursday & Friday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Continental Breakfast, Drinks, Snacks & A Full Lunch/dinner Provided
TO LEARN MORE, about ALL of SBC Partnership Opportunites, Request More Information and We'll Be Happy To Send You Complete Details On EACH Partnership Opportunity.

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"Diversity in a High End Market IS Stability and allows extra breathing room to enjoy Life!"
What do students & customers have to say?
The best way I can describe my experience with Something Better Corporation is “Endless Possibilities”! Bryan and Tammi deliver what they promise. Tammi said to me once “your success is our success”, she is always there to answer my questions. Their commitment to keep you steady your course is their focus. Support is there whether you attend the training or choose the home study.   I can’t express the connection that I felt with Tammi; she is a true kind person with a ton of passion and belief.   Bryan’s training material is delivered in a way that anyone can follow and when I struggle I know I can call on them or go to the site and get back on track. Please don’t hesitate to join the SBC Family; they will never let you down. Thank you so much for who you are!
Shelly, St. Louis, MO.

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