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Own a Business that Helps People Put Their Lives Back Together. Blue Kangaroo Packoutz occupies a lucrative niche in the growing contents restoration industry. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Blue Kangaroo Packoutz
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Minimum Cash Required $40,000

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Blue Kangaroo Packoutz - Franchise

Great Reasons to Franchise with Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Contents Restoration

Own a business that makes a real, lasting impact

When a family loses everything they own, it is beyond devastating. Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise owners excel in helping homeowners get back the things that make their homes feel like home, from furniture to photos and beyond. We restore everything to its pre-damaged state.

The demand will continue to rise

The reason why the restoration industry is valued at $210 billion annually is the direct result of the rise of worsening weather, storms, floods, wildfires, and more. More disasters mean that there are more people to help, and this is where Blue Kangaroo Packoutz excels.

Benefit by being an early adopter in a fast-growing segment

While the demand for restoration services is rising, it’s also crowded and highly competitive. By investing in a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise, you get all the benefits of the restoration industry but less of the competition, as we occupy a singular niche: contents cleaning and restoration.

Own A Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Contents Restoration Franchise

Join the franchise focusing on restoring the items that make our homes feel like home

According to the Los Angeles Times, there are more than 300,000 items in the average American home, and when that home is damaged or lost due to a disaster, everything a homeowner owns goes with it. In the $210 billion restoration industry, the Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise is one of the only national brands that focuses on restoring the things that homeowners lose in a disaster and making a family whole again – one item at a time.

One of the most overlooked components of the already booming restoration industry is the restoration of people’s belongings and contents. Water damage, fire, and any other disaster doesn’t only destroy a home, it destroys the items that make up someone’s life. Restoring furniture and contents is a much-needed business that helps people and can allow a savvy entrepreneur to build an enviable business.

As part of BELFOR Franchise Group, one of the world’s leading contents restoration and home services franchisors, Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the highly lucrative, wide-open segment of contents restoration. Our franchise owners work with insurance companies to help homeowners get their lives back, and we restore everything from precious family heirlooms, such as wedding albums, historical artifacts and more, to the things we use every day: dining tables, sofas, and more.

The best part? You don’t have to have any experience in the restoration industry to succeed with Blue Kangaroo Packoutz. Being a part of BELFOR Franchise Group gives you access to world-class training and ongoing support, including coaching from a visionary leadership team that has built and scaled contents pack-out and restoration businesses before. If you want to own a business that provides a meaningful service to your community, while also capitalizing on a growing need, Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is the right business opportunity for you.

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