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SoftWash Systems strives to create environmentally friendly chemicals, the best equipment, incredible education, and world class support that are the envy of the soft washing industry. We have all the systems and support for your softwashing business in a one stop shop.  We are currently expanding with new business Investors in the US. Learn more now!

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SoftWash Systems
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SoftWash Systems - Business Opportunity

Soft washing was developed by AC Lockyer with his knowledge and experience in plant sciences and horticulture. AC knew that the bacteria, mold, fungi, and algae growing on the exterior of buildings were more closely associated with an infestation than a stain. Knowing this, AC drew from his experiences and combined the technology of treating pests and fungi on plants with compatible cleaning chemicals, thereby creating the category that today is called Soft Washing.

Whether you have an existing business you wish to add soft washing to, or you are starting new with your first business venture, SoftWash Systems makes starting this journey easy. When starting a new venture or adding to the services you currently provide, we can make adding soft washing to your business easy. Ease is one thing, but proven and profitable is another. SoftWash Systems puts the systems in the soft washing business. We endeavor daily to create the equipment, chemicals, education, and support that are the envy of the exterior cleaning industry. We are here for you, providing you with all the tools you will need for you and your business to reach the highest possible levels of success.

SoftWash Systems also leads over 23 three training camps throughout the year additionally SoftWash Systems attends annual conventions and industry association trade shows. We make ourselves available regionally so you can easily participate in our industry-leading events. Starting down the path to profitability in soft washing only takes one phone call. We would be happy to aid you in directing your attention to several resources we have available to help you make informed decisions about adding soft wash roof and exterior cleaning services to your business. Remember, at SoftWash Systems, we put the systems in the soft washing business.

Soft washing is the safe alternative to pressure washing. We use water-based biodegradable chemicals. They emulsify dirt and grime, breakdown bugs nest and webs as well as kill mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria, sanitizing the surface we are cleaning. Softwashing uses only one-third the water of pressure washing, last four to six times longer and doesn’t erode the surface, like pressure washing often can.

We aim to please.  SoftWash Systems prides itself on being able to help all levels of professionals. We know how hard it can be to start your own business, and we strive to be able to take some of that stress off you. With our Shield Support Agents, you have a dedicated person able to answer any questions or help you get what you need. We have several other programs, like our SoftWash Academy on line, Phenomenal Products Coaching and our exclusive three day camps that can take your business to the next level. Leave it to us!

We have several support services, including our Creative Studio who is available for all licensed affiliate companies to help you make your business look professional. The Creative Studio handles all design work from Truck Wraps to designing new logos or just simple business cards. Creative Studio was born because we know how hard it can be to find a capable designer that will work hard for you! Keeping your files easily accessible is just one way we can help you further and grow your business.


Why Become a Licensed Affiliate SoftWash Systems Roof Cleaning & Exterior Soft Washing Professional?
It is because of our strengths!

  • Strongest In Equipment / We invented the truck mount Softwash skid.
  • Strongest In Products / First dedicated SoftWash Product line
  • Strongest In Training / 24 three-day events, over 250 classes online
  • Strongest In Support / Dedicated Shield Support Agent, In house creative services
  • Strongest In Safety / We lead the industry in compliance and accountability.
  • Strongest In History / Over 32 years in this business over 100,000 roofs cleaned worldwide.
  • Strongest In Warranty / We originated the 5-year spot free warranty.
  • Strongest In Association / Member of several Industry Associations, Many lifetime achievement awards

All of SoftWash Systems cleaners breakdown into carbon and water within 20 days of their introduction into the environment.

SoftWash Systems cleaning process and chemicals conform to the California Air Quality Management District standard.

All of SoftWash Systems soft washing equipment is 12 volt DC Battery powered.

All of SoftWash Systems cleaners are water based and contain no solvents or phosphates.

All of SoftWash Systems cleaners are non-hazardous when mixed according to label instructions.

SoftWash Systems through their equipment, chemicals, education, and support have been able to assemble an International Network of exterior cleaning companies.  All of this with our training and events throughout 7 countries for our licensed affiliate soft washing professionals.

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