Maytag Commercial  Laundry
Maytag Commercial  Laundry
Maytag Commercial  Laundry
Maytag Commercial  Laundry

Maytag Commercial Laundry

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Open a Maytag® Equipped Laundry business and watch the power of Maytag go to work for you. This is not a franchise opportunity, so there is no franchise fee required. Learn more about this exciting opportunity by requesting more information!

Maytag Commercial Laundry:
 Franchise Cost, Fees & Facts

Minimum Cash Required$75,000
Financing AssistanceNone
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Maytag Commercial Laundry – Franchise Information


A Business Loaded With Opportunity
Whether you're considering opening your first business, diversifying your portfolio, or you're already invested in the self-service laundry market, owning a Maytag® Equipped Laundry is an opportunity you can't afford to pass up. Here's why:

  • No franchise fees are required (it's your business).
  • An investor can normally expect to need $75,000 (US) up-front liquidity and the ability to borrow remaining costs.*
  • US Capital - Maytag® Commercial Laundry's financing partner
  • Our outstanding distributor network will provide ongoing guidance throughout the process.
  • The prep work is done for you - from store design to signage to marketing materials.
  • As a storeowner, you'll enjoy extra perks including: a VIP purchasing program, exterior signage discounts, Coin Laundry® Association membership and additional marketing support.

*Costs vary by store size, equipment mix, and the market.

Take A Closer Look At A Promising Industry
Currently, there are around 35,000 vended laundries in the United States, and they generate approximately $5 billion in annual sales†.

  • It might help to have some points of comparison to further strengthen the case for opening a self-service laundry.
  • Relatively high rates of return on your investment are possible.†
  • Minimal time and labor are involved (customers do most of the work).†
  • It's a cash business, so minimal accounts receivable are needed.†
  • There's a market of over 35 million customers in renters alone.†
  • Self-service laundries are recession-resistant.†

†”Getting into the Laundry Business,” 2012, Coin Laundry® Association.

Put Maytag® Commercial Laundry to Work For Your Business
Nothing sets you up for success like the support of a name your customers already know and trust. With Maytag on your side, you get:

  • A broad lineup of energy-, water- and utility-saving commercial laundry products.
  • Product featuring Maytag Connect 360°™, a cloud-based system, and the Clothespin™ app, a revolutionary new platform that allows patrons to use their smart phones to pay for their laundry, remotely check for available washers and dryers, and receive a notification when their laundry cycles are complete.
  • Famously reliable, heavy-duty equipment that keeps businesses up and running.
  • An extra-protection, 5-year limited warranty covering all parts - one of the best in the business.

Take the first step today
Your independent Maytag® Commercial Laundry distributor will be glad to share more information and answer your questions about getting started. They have the expertise to help you evaluate locations, leases, equipment choices and more.


“I truly believe Maytagis the highest quality and most energy-efficient equipment on the market.” - Owner Super Suds Coin Laundry Keith Griffin , Beebe, Arkansas
“Although Maytag equipment may cost a little more up front, the 5-year parts warranty is impeccable. The company truly stands behind its products.” Dean Francois , Arkadelphia, Arkansas

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