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Transaction Advisory Intermediary (TAI): The highest paying career in the mergers & acquisitions sector.  $1 million potential in your first year if you have what it takes. Complete 12-month program with everything you need to be successful from training, mentoring, project assistance and all the administrative tools needed to set up your own practice.

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Enginuity Group
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Minimum Cash Required $20,000

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Enginuity Group - Business Opportunity

Have an Exciting & Financially Lucrative Career as a TAI
Name one career where it is possible to clear $ 1 million in your first year. I doubt you can. But that is exactly what you can do and more as a Transaction Advisory Intermediary. 

Businesses, small and large, are sold every day, just as houses, cars and other items of. The Mergers & Acquisitions industry is the least regulated of all industries that deal with buying and selling of anything. In this case it is a positive aspect as it relates to who can work in it, how much they can charge in fees and have the freedom to structure deals in very creative manners that helps both the clients as well as the TAI.

Drawing from decades of experience, The Enginuity Group takes this non-standardized industry and applies simple, yet effective, standardized approaches to the process of the buy/sell transaction.  That knowledge is packaged into a professional TAI Development program. The program is now offered to qualified individuals who would like to learn how to become a TAI, which includes not only a full week of onsite training from the founder and his team, but also a comprehensive “Toolbox” of everything you need to set up shop and make money.

Franchises and Such
Do not confuse this with the many canned “how to be a business broker” seminars, webinars and franchises, which will take in anyone who can breathe and write a check for the fee. Most of those programs are focused on training you to be a cookie cutter business broker, not a TAI, and like a real estate agent, to sell small laundromats, bridal boutiques and restaurants. If that is your preference, there is nothing wrong with it, but then this program is not for you. A TAI is a professional who works with larger companies in the $5 - $100 million revenue range. And the fees you earn are commensurate with that size.

The 1-year Program Consists of:

  1. Application & Interview - evaluation to assess your aptitude to be a successful TAI.
  2. Initial 5-day, 40+ hour face to face education week to learn not only the hard metrical aspects of being a successful TAI, but the softer, more anecdotal “secrets of the trade” learning in a soft, interactive, seminar environment, not by Zoom.
  3. Monthly post training Zoom group sessions to go over issues, problems, ideas, and guidance from the founder and group.
  4. Block of Founder’s and others’ time for one-on-one discussions, zoom meetings with potential clients and assistance with the processing of the sell or buy side engagement.
  5. Refresher/advance in person onsite training at 6 months and then at 12 months.
  6. M & A Toolbox - Literally everything needed to set up and run a home or office based TAI practice. 

Entry into this program is by application and interview. Not all will be accepted. You must possess the skills and aptitude necessary to be successful. We do not want to waste our time, or yours! But, if you are accepted, you will enter a world that is highly selective, open to only a few, and geared to help you become a TAI in 12 months while learning on your first projects. 

Minimum Qualifications 

  • College degree, BA, BS, MBA, etc
  • Sufficient savings/income to devote at least 50% of your business time to this as it takes a while to get your first closing fee
  • Pass background check
  • Basic understanding of accounting, finance, business systems & corporate structures
  • Articulate
  • Outgoing personality

If you think you meet the minimum requirements, enjoy project work, interacting with business professionals and have fire in your belly to succeed, contact The Enginuity Group by requesting more information. 

Thank You for Your Interest in this Business Opportunity!

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