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Enginuity Group

Quick Summary

E|Enginuity - Mergers & Acquisitions Redefined. Have a Lucrative Career as a Licensed E|Enginuity Business Intermediary. As an E|E Business Intermediary, you will be part of an award winning group who has been buying, selling and correcting scores of companies over the last four decades.

Enginuity Group
Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required$9,895
Total Investment$9,895
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Enginuity Group - Information

Have an Exciting & Lucrative Career as an E|Enginity Business Intermediary

Selling and Buying Companies. The Enginuity Group and its principals have been buying, selling and turning around companies for 40 years. Because of the very non standardized, mostly unregulated approach to both business sales and acquisitions, and drawing from decades of experience in standardizing components and processes of similar industries, EE has applied simple, yet effective, standardized approaches to the process of being a Business Intermediary and have packaged that into a professional Business Intermediary Development program. It is now offered to qualified individuals and companies who would like to learn how to be an E|Enginuity Business Intermediary and grow their own operation under the E|E banner.

Depending on your background, you enter the program at the Business Development Specialist (BDS) level, which is finding clients for the company. You then move to the Assistant BI level, where you begin taking on more of the actual work in addition to sales, and as you gain experience, you move up the 5 rung ladder to become a Certified Business Intermediary, 

if you already have some background in Mergers & Acquisitions, as a business broker, investment banker, investment professional or similar, you can enter that the system at the level most fitting your background. Or if you like sale and don’t care for the execution of M & A projects, you can earn a lot of money as the fees are lucrative and the fee splits with you are some of the highest of all industries.


Minimum Qualifications for BDS level

  • Have a background in sales
  • Basic understanding of Accounting and Finance
  • Articulate
  • Have experience in dealing with C level owners/presidents of companies

Additional Qualifications for direct entry in other BI ranks

  • Experience working as or with Business broker, some M/A background
  • Or having owned a company or executive level management of one
  • Polished in presentation
  • You should enjoy business development
  • Out of the box, creative thinker
  • Outgoing personality

If you meet the basic qualifications, you can enter this very exciting and lucrative industry learning from senior award-winning principals. Whether as a BDS or a Certified Business Intermediary, you run your own operation and in control of your future.

Program Components

This is a turnkey program unlike any other in the M & A industry. It consists of:

  • Two levels of Training (currently by Zoom due to Covid)
  • Assigned your own seasoned M/A principal to mentor you as you gain experience with each aspect of the process.
  • All the starting materials you will need for your operation
  • Personal CRM for marketing and client project management
  • Ongoing corporate back-office assistance
  • Protected Soft Territory (for levels 3-5)
  • First Right of Refusal on contiguous territories for you to grow and expand
  • Starting correspondence materials   
  • A very lucrative project fee sharing arrangement unlike anything in the industry
  • Website page for levels 2-5)
  • Starting Database of Leads
  • Sophisticated Valuation Model

Fees & Financial Rewards

Most experienced Business Intermediaries make from $250,000 to over $500,000 a year. A full time BDS (sales) can easily make in the high six figures, because the average commission based on the company’s average project fee, is $25,000 per sale. if you meet the qualifications, you can be off to an extremely rewarding career as a licensed E|Enginuity Business Intermediary.

The entire package fee if entering at the BDS level is $9,895. If you have M & A experience and wish to enter at a higher level in the system, the fee is a bit higher depending on the level.  In addition to the license fee, you should have either savings or a second source of income to rely on while you are building your client base and getting your projects to closing, which can take from 4-12 month depending on the engagement much like the model for real estate agents, ie, paid mostly at closing, but with some advances on the final commission. 

If this appeals to you and you have at least the minimum qualifications, please contact E|Enginuity for complete program information.