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Automated Investments is the pillar of e-Commerce automation. Automated Investments build and operate profitable and hands off Amazon FBA (Fulfilled-By-Amazon) businesses for their clients and investors. While the clients and investors act as the capital partners, Automated Investments works tirelessly behind the scenes as the operation partners providing 20-50% monthly ROI. Automated Investments handles the Amazon store creation, product research, product purchasing, Amazon FBA product prep, shipping the inventory to your Amazon FBA store, full complete custom support and ongoing management. We lift our fingers so you don’t have to.

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Automated Investments
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Minimum Cash Required $50,000

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Automated Investments - Opportunity

The bigger picture: 

Over the last decade, e-Commerce has become a booming business opportunity for many individuals as well as retailers. Having the opportunity to reach your customer through their cell phones, laptops, tablets and other forms of cellular devices has never been easier. As we all know Amazon has become what is known as a “kingpin” or the monopoly of the e-Commerce world. Amazon today has nearly over 1.6million sales per day. 

An Amazon FBA Store is an eCommerce store built leveraging Amazon’s Seller Central Program. “FBA” stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, which means that Amazon handles all logistics, from packing, shipping, storing and customer service. 

With the Amazon FBA wholesale business model, you can purchase products in bulk at a discounted price from the manufacturer and resell them on Amazon the world's largest retailer. 

Amazon made over 470 billion dollars last year and over half came from third party sellers - people like you and me. 

Starting your own Amazon business has many different learning curves such as finding the right suppliers, finding the right product(s) to sell, following all protocols and policies, dealing with fulfillment, dealing with warehousing, dealing with Amazon prep and the list goes on and on. 

50% of individuals starting an Amazon FBA business without guidance fail and close their doors within the first 6 months. Having the right guidance or better yet a full operational team with a combined 40 years experience in the industry is the key to succeeding in this business. 

How it works: 

Our team at Automated Investments has crafted the key formula on building, managing, and scaling 6-7 figure eCommerce businesses to create passive income. We utilize Amazon FBA Seller Platform Automation and a proprietary process to build brands around specific products that are in high demand. We manage the entire process and split the profit with our clients. It’s that simple. Your role is to pay for the inventory and

fixed expenses, we handle everything else (product sourcing, marketing, store development, optimization, etc.) 

  • Step 1 - Get your LLC set up if you don't already have one, along with that file for your resale certificate form! (we do all of this for you) 
  • Step 2- Get your Amazon store set up which we will walk you through as well
  • Step 3- Our product research team will utilize our softwares to find profitable and high demanding product(s) for your store. 
  • Step 4 -Source the product through our supplier partners who we’ve been working with for the last 6 years 
  • Step 5 - Send it to our warehouse to be inspected and packed by our team
  • Step 6 - Send it to Amazon's Fulfillment Center 
  • Step 7 - Take advantage of Amazon's 310 Million daily active shoppers 

Why Choose Us? 

Our core values and inhouse infrastructure makes choosing us a no brainer.

  • We are the ONLY automation service to build our own AI learning software to gather data on product profitability, monthly sales volume and ratings to ensure our unbeatable product research. 
  • We are the ONLY automation company in the industry that actually owns our fulfillment warehouse to ensure your stores success 
  • US based company with 100+ employees worldwide. 
  • We are the ONLY automation company in the industry that has a build out platform where our clients can see daily P&L’s and transparency with a touch of a button. 
  • Our customer support team is there for you 24/7 with responses in under 5 minutes ensuring you’re never not in the clear about your Amazon FBA store. 

Onboarding Experience 

Our onboarding process is quick and easy. Our team is there to hold your hand every step of the way to ensure an easy path to success with Amazon. 

Our Ideal Candidate! 

Any smart investor that knows that capital is king! You have liquid capital ready to deploy into wholesale inventory. We have distribution brands and manufacturing deals. We source, pick, store and repackage all the products and send them from our warehouse to an Amazon warehouse and straight to your customers. 

So if you consider yourself a smart investor that likes to take advantage of great opportunities in an asset that has cash flow month over month and compounds year after year, take a second to fill out the form below, talk to our qualification team and see if you are the right fit for us.

Ready to Get Started & Learn More? 

Go ahead click the “Request Free Information” chat about building your 6-7 figure Amazon Wholesale business from the ground up. Once you fill out your information here, one of our representatives will reach out to set up a phone call. We look forward to talking with you!

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