Ways Your Business Can Help COVID-19 Relief Efforts

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Is your franchise working in the front lines of the pandemic? If you're an essential industry, chances are that your franchise – or upcoming franchise – has seen a push to offer more for customers in a short amount of time. Companies like grocery stores, healthcare facilities, home and vehicle services, etc., have seen a huge uptick in business, with some franchise locations even streamlining to open their doors sooner than originally planned.

In many cases, corporate franchise offices have sent down protocol and implemented plans for their locations to follow. These steps have included: limiting the number of customers who can enter at a time, reducing hours, putting up signage that measures out distances, offering PPE like hand sanitizer, masks, or gloves, or having a designated worker to remind customers to practice safe and smart guidelines while inside the store.

In other situations, franchise owners have implemented their own protocols to deal with the pandemic. For instance, inspirational signage to lift customers and passersby's spirits, home or curbside delivery, online ordering, and more.

Depending on the industry itself and how they brand has been able to proceed through COVID-19, franchisees have adjusted to accommodate and protect their markets with various changes. This has varied further based on state and city guidelines that have gone into place.

Giving Back to the Community

If your franchise is able, there are a number of ways you can work to give back to others. Workers who are now stationed at home, or those who are out of work have been safely delivering groceries, tutoring kids online, or simply sharing positive notes to the masses to help lift others back up.

If your franchise has the space or capability, consider making and donating masks or essential food items, especially to those who can't get out and are stuck without key resources. Remember that donations for items and funds to run this operation can also be done to avoid putting your franchise in any financial trouble. Something as simple as free delivery can also serve as a way to help those who can't leave their homes. This is also a good way to keep income flowing into your franchise business, by encouraging customers to buy without the fear that they'll be exposed to excess germs.

Depending on your industry, you may have various equipment or supplies that could help the masses. Consider how using your franchise resources could help others and how you can offer up your own abilities to serve the masses. Remember that tax credits and/or reimbursements are available in many cases, so you don't necessarily have to do so out of your company's pocket.

Reach out to local officials and see what's needed most in your community and if and/or how your franchise location can help.

Keep in mind that social distancing and safe practices should be kept in play at all times. Or, if you don't feel comfortable getting involved in person, consider virtual volunteering efforts that can still assist others from a distance.

Helping Further With Franchising Efforts

If your corporate franchise location has set protocol into place for helping during the pandemic, great! Now is your time to shine. If those steps have not been listed, you can still help. Remember that there are areas in which you can volunteer, donate, or encourage sick folks and those working on the front lines.

Paying it forward is needed during this time. Now more than ever, businesses of all industries can join forces and provide folks with what they need most. Whether that be through food, positive vibes, services, or specifics based on a particular situation, the world as we once knew it has changed. No more can folks proceed as normal; adjusting for those changes helps everyone stay safe and ready, as well as prepared for whatever may come their way.

Even something as simple as putting out compliments can improve someone's day. Consider adjusting social media content or window paintings that remind folks of the good in the world. These seemingly tiny gestures can go far. Never overlook the smallest impacts that your franchise can offer when reaching out to others.

Besides, there are selfish perks that can come from volunteering, too, including good PR, bank or tax credits, and a way to keep you and your staff busy doing something positive when you would have otherwise been at home – possibly stewing!

Consider what you can do to ease the burden for others and make their efforts more bearable through this difficult time.

By Bethaney Wallace | Sep 25, 2020 | Recent Franchise News