If you have always wanted to get into franchising but aren’t sure about giving up your full-time gig, a side job may be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s a chance to go after your dreams, but without giving up the security and/or benefits you need. In addition, a side gig can offer an eventual goal to go full time if and when you’re ready. It’s the best of both worlds. You gain experience, you get to take on the job you’re dreaming of, and you get to stay within your comfort zone. That’s also why many franchisees start out this way. They put in time on nights, weekends, and days off while obtaining the skills and knowledge they need in order to become a better, more successful franchisee.

If you’re considering operating your own business but are unsure of how it’s even an option moving forward, take a look at these proven tips. We’ve gathered insight from real franchise owners, we’ve looked at the success rates, and we’ve compiled our best tips.

Take a look at these positive thoughts for running a franchise as a side gig.

1.    Choose the Right Franchising Model
If you’re working part-time, obviously it won’t be beneficial to choose a business model that requires your full-time attention. That being said, there are plenty of business options that can be successful on nights, weekends, or minimal hours. Look at models that allow you to sell items, perform a service, etc. Something that you can work on when you have the time. 

You should also be up front and honest with your franchising brand. Let them know that this is an on-the-side gig and that you won’t be there 40 hours a week. That way, if there are any discrepancies it can be discussed sooner rather than later. Your franchising brand can then help you take the best steps for working part time. They’ll also let you know if that’s not a good fit with their brand. 

2.    Set a Solid Schedule and Work Ethic 
Creating a side gig is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those with a good worth ethic, folks who aren’t afraid to show up and get the job done. That’s not to say you’ll never have time off, but it is to say this isn’t a good fit for slackers. Franchising as your side gig can create great success, but you also have to show up to the table and be available to work. 

Ask yourself how willing you are to take on an ongoing project, how much time you have to dedicate to work, etc. Keeping a set schedule can also help you keep it under control so you’re limiting hours rather than never getting a break. 

3.    Choose a Franchising Industry that Interests You
If you aren’t excited about the gig, you will have to force yourself to work. This can lead to less success, less progress, and ultimately, a hatred for showing up to work. Over time you’ll work less, resent it more, and that leads to not making money. It won’t be fun it will be a chore. This is an outcome that no one wants, especially you – this should be a fun hobby that can also bring in cash. Don’t create a money pit that also takes your joy.

4.    Fill a Need
There are any number of franchises that might be fun, but are they profitable? You need to ensure your brand will be filling a need. This creates job security and sets you up for success. Little marketing needed, and peace of mind when markets change. Don’t stress about if and when customers will learn just what you’re about, but know they will come back time and again by filling a need with your franchising business. 

5.    Set Up as Much Automation as Possible
When working as a side gig, you’ll need to save as much time as possible. Consider how you can keep the ball moving, even when you don’t have full time hours to give. Create online booking and/or ordering, have a page that answers FAQs, answer emails in chunks to save time, etc. The more you can streamline your franchising process, the more you can accomplish in less time. Keep this in mind to facilitate more growth, even with less time for your business. 

6.    Ready Yourself Before you Start
Becoming a business owner is not a sudden start. You create gradual growth and only accelerate from there. However, by doing work early on, you can get that momentum started, even before you’re actually open for business. Create social channels, tell others about what’s ahead, and more. Meanwhile, you can also mark logistics off of your list. Set up bank accounts, file papers, and so on. The more you can spread the word about what you’re doing, the less you’ll have to do later on. While administrative work will make more time for fun work as you go. 

7.    Go for it!
Franchising can be a great way to earn and fulfil a dream of business ownership all in one. Don’t overlook the amount of positives that franchising – even as a side gig – can bring to your life. However, it’s a goal that many put off for any number of reasons. Don’t let excuses get in your way, but push them aside to go after the franchising success you’ve always wanted. 

Posted on Friday July 16, 2021 by FranchiseOpportunities.com Staff to Recent Franchise News