Yes, You're Ready to Become a Franchisee, Here's Why-

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Did you know you have much to offer as a franchisee? From your past work experience, to specialized skills that only you have, to the very temperament that makes you who you are, you have plenty to offer as a business owner. Sure, this can be hard to consider up front. And when just starting out, you'll be quick to overlook your personal accomplishments and how they can support you in your journey to become a thriving franchisee. But you shouldn't let it stop you, either.

First things first – consider how many potential business owners avoid going after their dream because they are scared. Even though they've always wanted to franchise and pursue business ownership, their own hesitations ultimately get in the way. While that's unfortunate, it also takes out a good chunk of your potential competition.

But in the same light, you don't want to be that hesitant entrepreneur. Look at all you've learned, all you have to offer, and set those fears aside. They will always be there, of course, there's no stopping what holds you back until you no longer let it hold you still.

Jump into the Good Stuff as a Franchisee

Next, ask yourself why you want to own your own business. There are unlimited perks, of course. But different highlights draw in each potential franchisee. Consider what you have to gain. How much growth lies ahead? How many opportunities for a raise? The ability to hire others and create jobs? What about creating a new platform in your area and watching it succeed?

This want – this need – to create more for your brand will ultimately drive you forward. Don't underestimate what it can do for brand growth. The need to succeed is a powerful thing. You'll be surprised in how much gumption it gives you. How much it sparks your creative spirit. How it motivates you to learn what you don't know and find solutions to blocks that are slowing down your franchising progress. If you ever doubted yourself as a business owner, look back on this same feeling, the excitement for becoming a franchisee, and you'll soon overlook whatever fears might have been standing in your way.

You're Already Qualified as a Business Owner

No matter what your professional background, you can use it toward your franchising business. Everything from your first job dusting shelves as a kid (thanks mom!), to stocking the store and lining up canned goods, to managing a team of growing professionals, and beyond, will help you run your business. Why? Because it taught you many professional lessons. Perhaps it taught you that shelves need to be neat and tidy, and that items sell better when they aren't a mess. This will help you keep your business ready for shoppers at all times.

Maybe, as a manager, you learned how to best schedule others or how to allocate their skills to what needed to be completed by certain dates. Of course this will allow you to hire a team, schedule their hours, and team them how to work. When a misstep was made, you'll be well versed in coaching them into better procedures, too.

While these are just a few examples of the work force, it doesn't matter what your past might be, you can use real, hard-learned life skills in your upcoming franchise business. The rest you can learn as you go!

You're a Connected Individual

In the same way you have many skills you've learned in the past, you also know many people who will be in your corner. Best of all, you can call on them as needed. Talk to others about business needs you might have, such as a lawyer to read over contracts. Maybe you know someone at city hall who can rush your paperwork. Perhaps you are friends with a designer who can help get your location in order and looking great.

Whoever you know, whoever's in your corner, reach out to them for help. You already trust their guidance and expertise, you just have to ask them to jump on board!

As you consider opening your franchise location, don't let fear – or a supposed lack of abilities – hold you back. Look to all you have accomplished, all you've learned, those you know, and how you can put each of these factors to work in your favor.

By Bethaney Wallace | Jul 19, 2019 | General Franchise Information