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What’s your goal as a franchisee? Chances are, you don’t necessarily have a plan of action to get where you’re going, or rather, a “right” way your brand should grow. You just want it to grow, period. In a manageable, steady setting, of course, you want your franchise location to expand and work its way up the chain.

Sometimes we get so caught up in looking at what we want as a business owner that we overlook the small steps. We fail to realize that some of the in-between isn’t as important as stepping back and looking at the entire big picture. Or in other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’re still getting where you want to go, all else will fall into place.

That’s also why you shouldn’t limit yourself to factors such as season, time of year, or even time of the month that your brand opens up shop. Whether you’re ready to stake claim this winter or next summer, all steps of your franchise – you guessed it – will fall into place.

Seasons for Every Franchise Industry

Depending on your industry of choice, you’re likely to have a busy and a slow season. While your industry will determine which falls when, you shouldn’t let this limit when your franchise will open. Each time of year comes with its own perks, and you simply have to prepare for what sits ahead so your brand is ready for whatever comes your way.

If you’re planning on starting your franchise location in your “off” season, great! You have plenty of time to get trained up so you can really use your stride once things speed up in days to come. However, if you’ll be running for the start of your busy season, that means all hands on deck. You’ll want to ensure extra training is scheduled, and you’ll need to bring in more workers to handle the overflow of your new business.

It’s also smart to consider your bank account when looking at slow vs. busy projections. Remember, keep your franchise padded to get you through slower times and to carefully manage dollars when they’re abundant. Then again, with slower days means fewer workers and a call for less overhead – knowing what’s needed early on will keep you from spending unnecessarily.

All this information and more can be found through your franchising brand’s corporate office, as well as researching similar industry models in person and online.

There’s no right or wrong way – or no right or wrong time – to start your franchise location. You simply must study and plan for your circumstances so that you can create the best possible outcome for your brand in its respective time of year.

Don’t Fret the Calendar Date with Your Franchise

There is so much that goes into opening a franchise location, and no matter how hard you try, we simply don’t always get control over what date it will open. (Even if all your ducks are in a row there can be delays with city licenses, lease hold ups, and more. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!)

Rather than forcing what may or may not take place, focus on what you can work with: readying yourself and your workers for franchise success. Despite the season at hand, you can take steps that will help your franchise location thrive. Talk with other business owners, consider your location and market, and work closely with your corporate office so that you can start with a bang, regardless of the season.

As an upcoming or hopeful franchisee, you don’t have to worry about the best time of year for your brand. All business ebbs and flows, you just have to work with each market to plan and attack the season with gusto. Train up when you’re slow and manage and execute when busy. This combination will allow for fully capable employees who help you drive the business toward better outcomes, every single month of the year.

Posted on Thursday December 5, 2019 by Staff to General Franchise Information