Why Having Heart Brings On Success

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Why Having Heart Brings On Success
Having heart – it's a structure we know well, most notably from sports teams or underdog movie themes. In these instances, there's a character who's unlikely to win or overcome, but they have the most passion and the biggest drive, therefore, we root for them. We want them to win, and we believe they can do it, simply because they have more drive than anyone else in the movie (or in real life). It's their passion, their want and need to change their reality that forces us to join their team.
We connect with these people on a personal level – even if we've never met them or have no connection to their cause, we're rooting for their success.
This is true of business owners, as well as the unlikely sports hero. Qualified business owners and new entrepreneurs alike can make or break their own cause based on how badly they want something. Time and time again, it's proven that business owners who simply want a paycheck are less likely to succeed. Why? When the going gets rough, they quit, they decide it's not worth their time and they drop their professional ventures. In contrast, the business owner who wants and needs their business to grow, they will weather the storm. They will find a way to overcome anything and everything that has gone wrong. It's their heart and personal investment in the brand that fuels them to keep going.
What Defines Heart in a Business?
Simply put, having heart means wanting it. Wanting business success, needing to see your franchise succeed on any number of levels. You might have personal investments in your brand, from financial holdings, to internal goals, to the drive for growth – all of these and more power your willingness to work every single day.
Heart also comes with the need to care. That internal fueling that keeps you wanting, learning, growing, and doing all that you can in order to help your brand become a better version of itself.
Heart means sacrificing yourself – whether in hours and free time, to financially, etc. – to ensure your franchise has its best chance. It means fostering your business from the early stages and hand fixing any issues that might arise along the way. From the smallest issue, to themes that need major attention, it's business owners who care that spend the most time and attention on creating a lasting solution. And not one that simply masks the problem at hand, but finds a clear solution to combat the same as it comes along later in your business's life.
Franchises who have a heart, there's an energy to them. It's a buzz that passes between each employee. It flows through to the customers, it's exciting and makes people want to come back time and time again. It creates relationships between a loyal base of shoppers and it builds a fulfilling job. One that you will love to keep building upon, and increasing that drive even further.
Having heart brings on success because you want it more.  You're willing to work harder, longer, and simply more.
The idea of having heart can mean different things to each business owner or entrepreneur. However, it's also an idea. The idea of growing, expanding, and learning toward a common goal of franchise growth and success. And chances are, if you want it, and you're willing to work for it, you've got more than enough heart to succeed on your own. As well as with the help of your upcoming franchising brand. Together you can combine your passions on a path toward entrepreneurship and professional expansion.

By Bethaney Wallace | Aug 21, 2018 | General Franchise Information