Why Franchising is a Great Second Career

second careeer

Congratulations, you retired! With this milestone in place, you can bow out of your previous profession with grace. And move onto more enjoyable ways to spend the day. Such as golf or playing bridge, or whatever other stereotypical activities people have in mind for the retired. But sunning and games just aren’t for everyone. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean your old, it just means it was the smartest career choice available. And even if you are “old,” it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a job … even one where you’re the boss. Being retired doesn’t mean you’re ready to quit working.

But what it does mean is that you have ample work experience. From managing, to sales, to behind the scenes paperwork, it’s likely that you’re a master of your trade. And franchising is a great way to cash in on said skills. Why? Running a business is all about efficiency. And with your years in the work force, you’re able to do just that: work efficiently. While still turning a profit. You also know what it’s like to start from the bottom, to be the new guy, to work hours you don’t want to be working, and so on. If it’s unpleasant in the workforce, chances are you’ve done it.

From your years of experience, there isn’t much you haven’t seen, which also means there’s very little that can surprise you. You’re equipped for any work situation – no matter how serious it may become.

Another perk to franchising after retirement: you’re more likely to have good credit. Or funds just waiting to be spent on your next business. Young entrepreneurs are generally strapped for cash, while those who have more life behind them will be better savers, and can obtain better financing. They’ll also be better at creating and sticking to a budget. More realistic about what things will actually cost vs. what they look like on paper, and so on.

Finally, franchising after retirement offers you flexibility. The same flexibility that you might not have been able to gain through your previous job. You can do what you want, when you want to do it, and in a market that you feel most passionate about. Not into computers? Who cares, work on paper instead. Hate brick-and-mortar? Work out of your home. The possibilities are endless, and can be completely customized to meet your specific tastes.

Additionally, schedules can be changed as needed – depending on what time of the day you prefer to get things done. Of course, in the beginning stages, there’s likely to be many more hours. But once logistics have been figured out and there’s a real routine to how you perform, the times are easily moved around.

This goes for the everyday work week, as well as when you’re actually ready to retire. With a setup that’s all your own, you can handpick employees to take over – or just fill in – while you’re gone. For instance, say you want to start working half-days, you can have others come in and get the work done while you’re out. Or, say you want to become owner, but no longer an employee, that’s just fine too. And if you want out more permanently, you can sell completely. Sell to those who work for you for peace of mind that the business will stay afloat, or hand over to the highest bidder.

That’s the beauty of franchising – it’s your business, you can mix and match as you please. Which is also why it makes it the perfect post-career career.

Who says retirement says you’re done working? Consider venturing into a business model instead for an enjoyable and personalized way to stay on the clock while gaining the ability to do it your way.    Explore great franchise opportunities by visiting our Homepage and search by Industry, State, or Desired Investment Level.  We wish you all the best!

By Bethaney Wallace | Jul 27, 2015 | General Franchise Information