Why Franchising is a 24/7 Job

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Why Franchising is a 24/7 Job… But Without Keeping Those Same Hours
There are some titles in life you will hold that will keep you busy, no matter what the time of day it might be. One is becoming a parent – you're responsible for your child, no matter when they might need you. Middle of the night, mid-day – hours see no limitations here. Another similar title is that of business owner. Very much like a sick kid who can't sleep at night, it's up to you to nurture and calm your business back to sleep, even if it's 2 am. Maybe your business needs whipped back into shape, or a quick refill – whatever it might be, it's your job as the owner to make it happen.
Even if it affects your sleep schedule or "normal" working hours.
Of course, some industries will see late-night hours more than others. For instance, if you're a plumber, you're likely to get called on holidays and inopportune hours (for which you can also bill extra). While those running a cupcake eatery will probably see few late-night "emergencies" that need their attention. This, of course, depends on your course of action when choosing a specialty, and a franchise to go along with it.
But no matter what type of business you might be in, it's yours round-the-clock. If there is a break in, or, should an employee get sick at an inopportune time, you're the go-to guy. Always.
Franchising is, after all, a 24-a-day responsibility.
But that doesn't mean you'll be working all day, every day. And who would want that, anyway?
Responsibility Does Not Equal Time at the Office
Just because you are the one responsible for this business, doesn't also mean you have to be present every second of the day. You have open hours of business, while also closing your doors for the day (even if they are figurative). Then there are employees who you've trained to follow in your footsteps, and who you trust to run things while you're away. These aspects, and more, can help your operation to stay up and running, even when you're not there.
Over time, you'll become more comfortable knowing your franchise can still run and profit on days you're not on scene. If you have an ecommerce store, you can sell – or see web traffic at any time; the Internet never shuts down. Ads and other marketing efforts will also work in your favor, open or not. While word of mouth never goes to sleep. Your combined efforts will work for you once you've put them into place.
Because you did a great job setting up your business (or rather, will do a good job), you can sleep easy at night, knowing everything is as squared away as possible.
Besides, there are exceptions to every rule. If you need to answer a few important emails … that can be done from anywhere you get an Internet connection. You don't have to drive in late at night just to respond to a few important individuals. The same goes with phone calls or scheduling an important maintenance appointment.
It's just one of the perks to new technology.
A Well-Oiled Machine
For the most part, however, your business will take care of itself. You've set it up to succeed, you've trained – and will continue to educate – your employees properly, and all of this and more is paying off through profits and repeat business. The infrastructure is there, you just have to work on upkeep and check-ins.
This, too, will allow for fewer working hours over time.
Your brand is functioning on its own, thanks to proper and smart ownership. And to you taking care of all necessary parts. This is just one more area that can lead to time away, without stressing of what might go wrong at any given second. Take ownership in your ability to do a good job, and have faith that your brand is functioning as it should.
Don't let responsibility scare you out of following your dream. Proper management and planning can keep you going – and succeeding – all on its own. Pair in your continued work ethic and drive, and you'll be well onto growing your franchise into an even bigger success.

By Bethaney Wallace | Feb 28, 2018 | General Franchise Information