Why Franchising From Home Works

The benefits of franchising from home

Why Franchising From Home Works

The idea of working from home can sound like a dream situation. Where you can roll out of bed and into the office, without so much as tying your robe. Some, however, consider it more of a nightmare, and prefer the routine of getting up (and dressed) and heading into work each day. And then there's a third group – those who can't quite grasp this concept. Who don't understand how home can turn into work, nor how one can stay on task when there are distractions like dirty dishes or Netflix.

Yet folks are doing it – and doing it successfully – on an ever-increasing level. Whether franchising themselves or working from a company that allows working from home as a perk, the idea of in-home offices has continued to rise.

Yes, It's Actually Beneficial

For the doubters out there, yes working from home can work. (And can actually work better.) Here's why:

Much like homework or paying bills, one's profession, too is a responsibility. Getting it done doesn't so much matter where you choose to work, so long as it simply gets done. (In a quality manner, of course.) You create a routine, and then you make things happen. If you're not able to do so, chances are you need to work on your self control and time management skills – which are needed no matter where your office is located.

There are also plenty of perks to having a home office. Such as the ability to run personal errands as needed (or schedule appointments), freedom to start the dishwasher or mow the lawn when taking a break. In contrast, office breaks are often spent talking or browsing online – which might provide a necessary lapse in work time, but aren't necessarily productive, either.

Busy parents can get more done when working from home, and those who are involved with multiple companies can make the best use of their time. Tackling what's most relevant or timely, vs. tasks by location.

And finally, once your work is done, you're already home. Rather than being forced to sit behind a desk for a minimum number of hours, workers can get back to their free time just as soon as they've crossed off their to-do list hours.

Additional Perks of Franchising From Home

What most find after they've started working from home is that they're actually able to get more done. With ongoing incentives, they work harder and better, but in a shorter amount of time. Invoking better time management skills. It's good for morale, and because it's your house, you can set up the office any way you like. In a guest room, in a refurbished corner of the garage, taking over the basement – the possibilities are there for you to make the space your own.

Financial incentives come into play by eliminating overhead. And actually allowing for a portion of home expenses to be written off for business taxes. Anyone worried about funds has been able to save greatly by starting out from home … even if, later, they decide their time is better utilized from outside office space.

No matter how you swing it, there are positives to be found from at-home franchising. Those who work virtually, as well as those who see clients have made financial and company gains from this exact setup. Consider all of your options – including working from home – to help find the most valuable business growth.

By Jason Hightower | Oct 23, 2015 | General Franchise Information