Why All Entrepreneurs Have a "Make or Break" Moment

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Why All Entrepreneurs Have a "Make or Break" Moment
Sink or swim – it's an instinct we all hold inside us. It's a feeling you're born with, even if you can't execute it from day one.
It's human nature to want to succeed. And more often than not, big success is on the other side of an almost failure. Ask any businessman or woman – what is the moment they felt like they had "made it"? What happened before they arrived upon that date? Chances are it wasn't all smooth sailing until they made it big; in fact, it's almost impossible that nothing went wrong.
Why? Call it the threat of fate or simply Murphy's Law, but things go wrong. Pipes burst, licenses don't get filed, orders are lost on delivery. It's how you learn, and it's how you fix things in order to make them better. Without these "failures," the biggest businesses today would have never been able to succeed. They had to do things one way in order to find a better alternative.
Your business likely won't be any different.
Of course, you have plenty of experience on your side. You have a franchising brand who's been there, done that, and knows the best way to profit. The best ways to run a business, and so on. Besides, they want you to do well. You have all of that info within your repertoire already. Therefore, you won't be in dire or emergency situations when growing your location.
However, you might have some growing pains in other areas, like management style, when to make a big order, and so on. Even if your "pain" is as small as calling your contact and asking for advice, you very much might experience not knowing what's best for your business in beginning stages.
Why it's Make or Break
These moments – where you're frustrated beyond belief, or are tested to your core – they make you a stronger franchisee. Once you come out on the other side, you know you're strong enough to power through. You know your brand is better for your increased knowledge, and you know you have the gumption to take on whatever else might come your way.
It's the universe's way of challenging your skills, and you proving them wrong. Not to mention the huge boost of confidence that comes from knowing you completely owned a situation. (Go ahead, celebrate, you earned it!)
From that moment on, you're invincible. Of course, you know bad things can still happen. But you know that you'll know how to handle them. You'll find the best solution possible, and you'll make it through the other side, with your business strongly intact.
If you haven't had this feeling as of yet, it's nothing to fret about. Rather a right of passage the lets you confirm you're in the right career, and doing all that needs to be done. It lets you tell yourself you're doing a great job.
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Getting too worked up will cause you to waste too much time and energy. But in the meantime, don't get down, should something go wrong. Fate will be there waiting on the other side. And, stressful as it might be, you'll gain a cool boost of confidence, and the understanding that you have what it takes.
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By Bethaney Wallace | Aug 15, 2017 | General Franchise Information