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This is one of the most important questions you’ll ask yourself as a franchisee. Whether it’s conscious or something you think about at night while lying down for bed, you’re building your franchising team. Those who are on your side, those who will help you on daily operations, as well as those who might just tune in and help with your personal chores … allowing you to work. Each of these tasks are important and should not be overlooked.

So, who do you want on your team?

You likely didn’t even realize you needed a team. But having one allows you to grow, to get through each day, and to become successful as a franchisee. After all, you can’t do everything on your own. No matter how hard you might try or how thin you might spread yourself (which, by the way, is not a method we recommend), you still need help. It takes the efforts of many to get your work done!

There are your franchise employees – these are the folks you hire to open your store, to help with the services, to sell items, to run the cash register, and more. There are your personal teammates, family members and a spouse who encourage you regularly. These folks help with the kids, they ask how you’re doing, they bring you dinner, and they look out for your mental health, especially when the business is at its busiest. You’ll also have team members who work on the back-end of the business: they file your taxes or ensure contracts are signed, and so forth.

There’s your franchise team that helped get you up and running, the corporate folks who taught you the brand from ground zero. All of these folks and more are on your team. You might have other categories, too, depending on personal or business circumstances.

The question, however, comes with who you want on said team. After all, these are your people. These are the ones you will trust most, who have access to your business, who will help it grow, and who will keep you sane. Obviously, you want only the best helping you through the day.

How to Determine Your Team

There’s a large portion of your team who already exist in your life. These are your family members and friends. They are your support, and luckily, you don’t have to go out searching for them. You already love and trust these people. No action on your part. (Woohoo!) All you have to do is tell them what’s going on with your business and keep them updated as things change. Just as you stay involved in their lives, they’ll check in on you, help create regular routines, and more.

Then comes the next tier of folks in your life: those you already know, but who you don’t yet work with or alongside. These people likely have a business skill – you likely know them personally or through the grapevine. You’ll be taking your relationship to the next level as your franchise grows.

Determine who these people are – who do you know in X industry? How could they help? Reach out to them and schedule a coffee or call talking about what you need and whether or not they can help you achieve it. This is also a time for you to feel them out and determine if they’re a good fit. (Meeting with someone does not contractually bind you to their services.) You will obviously feel more comfortable talking with those you know or know of, but you should get to know them as much as possible to create a successful work relationship moving forward.

Next, it’s time to find those on your team who you’ve never met! We know this is scary, but it’s a necessary part of hiring others, and it will introduce you to some great people in your life.

Advertise and interview applicants to find the best fit for your brand. You can also ask around to find others who might have contacts for you. You never know who has a teenager who needs a job!

Brush up on interviewing questions before getting started, and have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in an employee. You can also list out job requirements and preferences early on so workers know what they’re applying to and what they’ll be doing in a particular job before they even sign up. Each of these steps can help ease the burden of responsibility and outsourcing tasks. Meanwhile, you’ll feel fully prepared to bring on new workers, which means you’ll also feel more confident in hiring others and handing out daily duties.

Each of these steps can help you feel better prepared as a franchisee. From leaning on those you already know and trust, to working with acquaintances with their developed skills, to knowing what to ask others during their interview process, you can better prep your franchise with skilled, fully capable employees. All while you’re leading the pack toward business growth.

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Posted on Thursday May 30, 2019 by Staff to General Franchise Information