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What Franchising Trends are Making it Big into 2019?

The end of the year is nearing, which means it will soon be time to revamp our business ideas for 2019. With holidays, upcoming trends, ideas that are on their way out, and more, it’s time to take a year-end look at what worked best in 2018, and how (or if!) that’s likely to change come January 1st.

Take a look at these projected trends for the upcoming year. This can be a great way to jumpstart your franchising venture, or use new information to help your brand grow.

Social Media

If you’re not already marketing your business on social media (or planning to), it’s time to start! Online searches and interactions are slated to rise for the following year. Besides, it’s an easy and effective way to reach your customers. Consider ramping up your social media advertising efforts, or at least remaining active online so you can reach your customers on their schedule. Websites and apps are great outlets for this same goal.

Remote Businesses

More and more employees are working from a distance, and that means an increase with distance-based franchising, too. This doesn’t necessarily mean customers will shop from states away (though they very well could), but rather that they want to shop from the convenience of their own home, and during the hours that work best. Therefore, online orders, interactive check-ins, and more will all be helpful tools. If possible, talk to your franchising brand about making your location fully-functional online.

But don’t forget customer service, either. Being there for shoppers as they pick up or have questions is what will keep them searching local … instead of ordering from the big-name website or those located overseas. 


Meals their way, pet toys, childcare, and beyond will all be getting the custom treatment. Customers aren’t interested in being put into a box, and franchising trends will be reflecting this fact. Brands will allow shoppers to choose as much as possible, to put their names on items, to pick and choose services as they please, and more. Of course, this is becoming such a norm that costs will still be kept low. (Vs. the rends of charging for customization in the past.)

Consider going the extra mile to ensure customers are happy and getting exactly what they want, not just paying for a package deal because that’s all that’s offered.


Another trend slated to rise in 2019 is the use of platforms, or rather, fans of a specific brand. The more loyal your customers, the bigger your platform will be. This trend has been growing for years and is looking to keep expanding into 2019. Franchises have been streamlining their platforms online, with customer loyalty options, getting to know others through face-to-face conversations, app features like games, direct messaging, etc.

Personal Needs

Finally, brands are becoming more and more aware – and sensitive – to individual needs. There’s a growing population of those who can’t eat gluten, eggs, etc., and to accommodate their dietary necessities, restaurants are widening their menus and being more transparent about their ingredients. As for services and/or products, companies are adjusting their buildings for different body types, they’re including more kid-friendly features, etc. Changes to brick-and-mortar locations require less customer involvement. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned customization to products and services can also account for personal needs, whether health conditions or preferences.

When looking to sign up with your franchising brand, look at the above and see what trends they’re following. Or, if adjustments can be made to better adhere to upcoming customer wants.

To learn more about franchising into the new year or how you can better grow your business, get in touch with a franchise by requesting information through our website today!

By Bethaney Wallace | Dec 28, 2018 | General Franchise Information