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Easy (and Cheap) Upgrades You Can Make With a Potential Franchise
When starting a new project, there’s perhaps nothing better than being able to do that project efficiently. Where your time is as streamlined as possible, you’re eliminating all of the middle men, and the budget is trim. So trim that you spend as little business cash as possible, but without skimping out on needs or business essentials. (Wants are great, but they’re also not essential to everyday operations.)
If you stop to think about it, that’s the sweet spot right there – where life is simple and everything is taken care of. Of course, we know that life happens and things don’t always go as we want or plan, but simply having that ideal spot makes it worth striving toward.
In the meantime, opening your franchise is a matter of following steps in order to help get you there. Like trimming the budget in every area imaginable, but without making cuts that could be detrimental to business.
First things first, in order to get business, people first have to know you exist. Make the most of each of your marketing efforts by taking a grassroots/word of mouth approach. It’s also a path that is just as affordable as it is effective. Tell folks about your business. Go door-to-door and communicate what you have to offer; it takes nothing more than your time. The same is true for social media. Sharing posts, following others, and informing folks about your business is as simple as actually doing it. You’ll gain exposure in the process, too.
The Building Itself
Another area that might need improvement is the facility in which you host your business. With any piece of real estate, it’s easy to step inside and become overwhelmed with all the changes that are desired. However, that’s also a process that can take some serious time and cash. Instead, look toward simple fixes that can provide a big impact without breaking your budget. For instance, a thorough cleaning and a new coat of paint. Creative fixes such as funky furniture, new décor, etc. can create a big impact without months worth of improvement. Find a decorator who can help you pull this vision to life – by providing a budget up front they’ll know how much they have to work with, and can help provide the biggest change without overspending.
Learning From the Pros
Your franchise company itself is going to be one of your best possible resources. These are the pros; they’ve opened up multiple locations before yours (and made them successful), and they know what works … and they know what doesn’t. Go to these contact with your particular needs and discuss anything that might arise. They’ll have advice as to which changes can make the most growth (and therefore, where you should be spending your money). As well as what areas can be overlooked without consequence, and more. Don’t be afraid to reach out to these franchise contacts and make the most use out of your efforts.
Streamline Your Tasks
There are easy ways to get the most and best-quality work without hiring a full-timer. For instance, outsourcing your accounting/bookwork, having a company come in and clean your rugs, asking a window specialist to ensure your storefront is streak free, and so on. Simple tasks like these seem miniscule, but can add up to create an unpolished look. Because, let’s face it, when you’re busy, the previous are some of the first things to go. (Tasks that are company-focused and that we tell ourselves can be “caught up with later.”) However, having someone on the job will make sure your business is tidy, physically or behind the scenes, at all times.
With steps like these easy and affordable fixes, you can gain peace of mind while prepping your upcoming (or potential) franchise. Remember to reduce steps as necessary in order to create the best possible product, while spending the least amount of cash.

By Jason Hightower | Nov 16, 2017 | General Franchise Information