8 Unique Franchise Ideas Worth Looking Into

8 unique ideas

­­Up-and-Coming Franchise Ideas Worth Looking Into.

At some point in their life, virtually everyone has thought they had a million-dollar idea. An invention or unique service that the world had always been looking for – but maybe didn't know they needed. In actuality, however, very few of those ideas actually pan out. Whether due to poor business planning or an idea that wasn't actually as celebrated as one first thought, the "golden" idea didn't become so golden.

There is quite a bit more that goes into becoming successful than most realize. Much of that stress (and work), is eliminated, however, when dealing with a franchise. By buying in or opening up your own location, much of the "million-dollar idea" risk goes away. The company has already done all the business planning, the marketing, and ensuring they have a model for success. You're simply helping to expand it. In fact, that's why so many choose to venture into franchising vs. opening up their own business. With any type of setup, it's also important to ensure you're in a market that isn't saturated, has a need, and is something you enjoy. A trifecta that will allow for plenty of business growth with a job that you love.

And because business is constantly evolving, so are the types of services that are available (and profiting) in today's time. (No, franchises aren't just about selling hamburgers and retail items.) Some of the most modern and successful franchises include:

New-Age Services

Fixing phones and computers, optimizing websites, fixing cracked phone and tablet screens, learning how to best utilize an online presence – all of these things can be done from a franchise standpoint. It's an ideal setup for towns with techy needs, or for anyone who is good with computers and is looking for a profitable outlet.

Working From Home

Just a few years ago, "working" from home was a cover up for "barely working." Today, however, there are a number of franchises that allow business owners to work – actually work – directly from their home office. It's a step that saves on overhead, as well as office expenses.

Kiddie Entertainment

It's 2015 and kid parties, and their respective planners, are taking note. Though favorites like clowns and party favors are still common fare, modern parents have stepped up their entertainment game. Offering bouncy houses, activity and toy rentals, large movie screens, and more. All of which are readily offered from franchise businesses.

Consulting Services

Most everyone can benefit from the help of an expert. But far less people know how to find them. Franchise services that allow you to consult, or to help others do their job better, are making their mark. And rising within chain-brand ranks. This includes financial planners, efficiency coaches, small business growth experts, website and marketing consultants, and more.

Life Coaching

Similar to those advising professionals, life coaches essentially help folks become better at reaching their goals. Perfect for the professional who wants to help others. It's generally considered to be a new-age career, and one that's growing in popularity levels.

Hygiene Products

Franchises are tapping into the personal market and selling anything from make up, fancy soaps that are free of chemicals, vegan-friendly accessories, etc. By identifying a change in beliefs and trends, companies like these are selling big – and delivering products right to their local customers' doors.

Fitness Professionals

Whether it's a personal trainer, dietician, gym owner, or exercise coach, brands are making their stance on fitness known. And by offering up personalized services (vs. old fashioned workouts or diets), they're making it easier and more efficient for folks to stay healthy with a busy schedule.

Pet Boarding and Training

Those passionate about animals know just how important pets can be. And they're making entire businesses out of that fact. Those who are great with animals and genuinely care about their well being are opening franchise locations across the nation. Some of which provide specialty foods, treatments, and training programs.

Come-to-You Services

Bigger cities are finding that life has become increasingly more convenient by the day. Franchises are opening that travel to you in order to get the job done. Like changing your oil or putting on new tires, delivering baked goods or groceries, and so on. Though there's a smaller market base in rural communities, it's a franchise practice that's on the rise.

If you're considering a franchise, remember these new-age services. Not only do they offer flexibility with your future career, but the ability to do what you love while earning a living.

Start reaching out with these modern business ideas today.  

By Jason Hightower | Nov 16, 2015 | General Franchise Information