The Rising Trend of the Minimalist Franchise

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The Rising Trend of the Minimalist Franchise
Less is more – that's a common theme that brands and a growing number of businesses are taking to heart. Not only mom and pop shops who want to keep their overhead low, but franchises who are located all throughout the country. Rather than offering up excess packaging, services, or even menu items to choose from, it has become a growing trend to host scaled back choices (but not business), no matter what type of service you're in.
And it's a method that's come with its fair share of benefits. For instance:
Reducing Overhead
If you don't need many items on stock, you can immediately reduce the amount you're spending in start-up fees (or reordering expenses). Instead of keeping large sums of cash in limbo at any given time, this minimalist mantra helps you keep better control over your cash flow. That can mean more dollars in the bank, lower debt notes, funds that are able to be spent on advertising, expansion, or anywhere else you might need to spend them.
Master of All
Instead of asking yourself or employees to cover a wide range of skills (or knowledge points), you can focus on a much smaller (and more pointed) list. Workers are more likely to become experts on what your business offers, simply because there are fewer professional tasks to distract them.
What You See is What You Get
As far as trends go, this is one that's pretty straightforward, and it tells you exactly what the brand is all about. No hidden products or upgrades are hiding in the back. You can get a baked potato – and not much else – from the franchising potato shop. Or, say your brand ships packages and sells stamps – no smaller tasks to muddle up the process, that's it. You do what you do, and you do it well. Customers will see that fact and reward you with loyal patronage. They won't be confused about what you offer, or what all can get done at a location; they know exactly what they're getting and appreciate that peace of mind.
Keep it Clean
Another perk to minimizing (or sticking with a brand that believes in this step), is that of simplification. It's far easier to stay clean and organized when there is less clutter to begin with. Think of your house – the more you accumulate, the harder it is to remain organized and tidy. A business is no different – whether it's your office, or public space, lessening the amount of items within your area is one of the easiest ways to keep everything clean. (A point that, whether you realize it or not, will help your business thrive; no one wants to shop in a cluttered mess. Besides, many franchise rules won't even allow it.)
It's Not Permanent
Believe it or not, the "less is more" mantra is something that can be updated as needed. Because it's trendy, some franchisees tend to shy away from a model that may or may not remain popular. But who says a menu can't expand? Or that a dog washing company can't start trimming fur or selling organic treats and toys? As a company grows, it's their right to make changes.
Rather than fearing a franchise won't adjust with the times, consider researching their past to see how often (or if) they rebrand. Or simply ask questions like, "What happens if the economy switches to 'more is more'?" or "How will your efforts stay current in five years? A decade?" Finding these answers will not only give you peace of mind, they'll ensure you that you're working with the right brand. In minimal style or beyond.
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By Bethaney Wallace | Sep 26, 2017 | General Franchise Information