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The Early Bird Gets the Worm: What Time Should You Start Work Each Morning?

Are you an early riser? Yes? No? What’s your definition of “early” anyway? Depending on your career background and personal preference, you likely have a very different idea as to what constitutes as starting before the rest of the workforce.

You also might be wondering why doing so even matters: getting an early start gives you more time to accomplish tasks throughout the day. It gives you a jumpstart at being productive, and it puts you in the right mindset. Those who sleep in or get a slow start are less likely to hit the ground running. In contrast, those who hop up and get moving can carry that momentum into the entire day.

What’s Sleep, Anyway?

Successful people often get less sleep than the rest of the world. There’s simply more to do, more tasks to be completed; there’s no time to sleep in or lollygag about the day. They’re up and at ’em from the minute their alarm clock sounds. Not doing so means a longer to do list later. Besides, as a successful business owner, they’ve been getting stuff done for so long, it’s routine. By now, they simply hit the ground running. (For instance, the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank, they regularly talk about getting three hours a night, which is well below the recommended eight!)

When you have plenty to do, sleeping early or late can also be harder to accomplish. Your stress level just doesn’t allow it. Rather than being able to relax, you’re reminded of all the things you need to get done. In contrast, starting early and getting plenty done for the day allows you to put your mind at ease. By getting much done toward the first half of your workday, you can know your morning (and afternoon and evening) was put to good use.

What Time is Best?

Obviously, it’s hard to put an exact time on when you should start professional tasks. Every person’s schedule is different. There are various time zones, business hours that fluctuate, and more. Take individual factors to heart and use them to help determine what’s an ideal working schedule to follow.

You might get up at 5 and start working at 6, you might opt for another hour of sleep, or you might be one of those super early workers who’s up well before the sun and halfway through a pot of coffee before the rest of your family has even hit the snooze button. In any of these scenarios, you can successfully rise and shine while breaking into your to do list.

Getting a Routine

More than anything, starting an early workday is about sticking to your tasks. Don’t get distracted or bogged down by how much is on your plate. Instead, use it as motivation to get much done – all before breakfast. With each task you mark off for the day, then you can move forward knowing you’re making efficient use of your time.

The more you follow this schedule, the more you will get into a groove. You’ll start with emails, move onto scheduling, filing away items, then returning phone calls, and so on. It’s almost a natural feeling that will be honed and made more efficient the longer you’re a franchisee.

Why Mornings?

Finally, the question of all questions: why mornings? Can’t you get a lot done at night, if you wanted? Yes, of course there are those who are night owls and choose to avoid early mornings all together. But there’s a reason mornings should be embraced.

Mornings are quiet. Nights are filled with calls, TV sessions, kids who want to stay up, etc. But as for the first part of the day, there are far fewer interruptions. You’re also just starting out. You’re not caught up in the 100 things that have been going on all day long, You can start fresh and take on what needs to get done, vs. what you’re looking at at the time. And you can be the first one to call offices once they open up, giving you a better chance at getting what you need done quickly.

Besides, your mind is fresh, your fully rested and at your peak mental abilities. Of course this is the best time of day to get as much work done as possible!

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm and in the case of franchising, a “worm” can be some much needed working hours. Consider starting your day earlier to get more done.


By Bethaney Wallace | Oct 2, 2018 | General Franchise Information