Tackle Your Franchise with Time Management

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Tackle Your Franchise with Time Management

Are you good with time? Or do the days seem to slip away from you? Maybe you're 50/50 – some days you feel like you've got everything under control, then others, you just seem to get it together. But think how much more you could be getting done on the days you lose track of tasks – think how much more you could get done on the days you are efficient.

With a set routine and reason behind your tasks, you can easily take advantage of every single minute of the day. Without skimping on breaks or free time. It's a simple tactic toward growing success. And one that can allot you more to show for less effort.

Start your franchise off to a great start with these proven and effective tips.

For instance, keeping a calendar. No one knows the growing list of what needs to be done better than you. Keep track of anything and everything in one, comprehensive place. Writing lists or sending yourself emails here and there will leave things to be lost in the clutter. Use an app if you prefer, or if you're more old school, designate a single notebook and keep it near you at all times for easy updates.

Here you should also prioritize tasks and write due dates. That way you know what needs to be accomplished first, and final dates on every single thing that you complete.

Next, factor up how much of your time needs to be spent and where. As a business owner, you might need five hours a week for paperwork, 10 for training and updating the store, and far more for daily operations. Of course, these numbers are likely to change over time, even by the week, but knowing how much is needed for each task. Once your hours are in mind, you can begin to schedule them, blocking out X hours for each day and planning ahead of time when to get things done.

You will easily accomplish more in chunks of time, vs. committing to one task here, another there; you will spend so much prep/settling in time that it will add considerably to your day. By offering up a few hours for each section, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Be sure to schedule time for breaks, too. So often we think that we don't have time for breaks, that there is too much to do. When, in reality, breaks are what keeps us going. It's when we eat, and therefore, allows us to stay focused and happy, it's when you rest your mind and gain creative ideas. And breaks are also what keep you from becoming worn out on a day's tasks. Don't avoid them, rather, schedule time for short and productive halts so the rest of your working hours will be successful.

Finally, look at ways to help yourself individually. Everyone requires different motivations. The idea of success will keep some going, others can implement reward tiers, or time off for a job well done. This doesn't mean that any one individual is more motivated than another, but simply that different personalities thrive with different conditions. Find what works for you, after all, this is your work schedule, it should be tailored to helping you get as much done as possible.

Find what works and adjust as needed for a way to work efficiently and effectively during all hours of the day.

By Bethaney Wallace | Jan 29, 2019 | General Franchise Information