Should You Open a Franchise This Winter?

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Should You Open a Franchise This Winter?

This winter – what are your goals? What will you do professionally? Personally? Traditionally, colder months are taken "off" and folks rest or step back from their work to focus on other things. But why? Nothing about winter says "stop" or "let's hold off," instead, it says "keep pushing forward." That's our mantra … and it should be yours too.

That is, if you're considering opening up a franchise, we think now is the time to do it. No matter when "now" might be, it's time to move forward with opening up your business dream. After all, if this is your dream, something you've always aspired to do, why wait? Why hold back and put off what you could be working toward today? Use your excitement and allow it to push you forward. Use the time you have available to accomplish more. If you put things off and instead, wait to do it at another time, you will find more and more excuses that bring your dreams to a pause. This is a cycle that tends to repeat itself, and for whatever reason (or reasons), you will end up in the same place you are now, without a franchise, and without having moved any further toward your dream of business ownership.

Time of Year Can Work in Your Favor

While many believe that winter is a time to put business on pause (that is, unless you work in retail, in which holidays can push you in to hyper drive), that's not always the case. Why put off now what you could be working on to further yourself professionally?

If things are slow, this can also be a better time to open your business. Create a cold or soft open and work with fewer customers until you and your staff hit your groove. Working in the winter can allow you more time to work through logistics,

For those still working a full-time job, this can mean more available time to start your own business, allowing you a seamless transition from one career into the next. Alternatively, you can get a step ahead of the competition, or simply start your business earlier and/or in shorter amount of time.

For many reasons, working through the winter can give you an edge up for traditionally busier months of business.

Your Next Steps Toward Opening a Franchise

When working to set up your business, you shouldn't let time of year hold you back. Look at your business dreams and how you can make them come to life. Starting your franchise now – or in the near future – can help bring that reality into being.

Start with researching various brands, industries, or business models. Learning as much as possible before you begin will give you your best start at reaching franchising success.

Then, of course, it's time to narrow down your search so that you can move forward with your business venture. We'll help you find and obtain your franchising fit, answer any questions you might have along the way, and more.

Whether you already have a business model or specific brand in mind, or you're starting from the beginning stages of learning about franchising, we can help you find a fit that meets all involved. Meanwhile, you can start on your business dream, no matter what time of year, and no matter when you business ownership goals might be.


By Bethaney Wallace | Nov 06, 2018 | General Franchise Information