Should you Continue Your Education While Franchising?

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Should you Continue Your Education While Franchising?
Going back to school can sound like a daunting task – one that is full of life changes and commitments. Yet through that hard work, comes much to show for it, including degrees and certifications, even specialties within a certain field. All of which can leave you more desirable as an employee or more qualified as a business owner. However, there is also a big difference between "going back to school" and "continuing your education."
Rather than enrolling for school and committing to multiple credits, continuing your education can take place as a single class. You can choose any field – your favorite or one where you need to most improve your skills – and you can complete them in varying intervals. One per year, five one year, none the next, and so on.
But what are the perks? And do you need to continue education at all? After all, isn't working and maintain in your job a continuation all on its own?
Of course holding a job is allowing you to be better at your position. But by continuing ed in a formal setting, you can also gain the professional credits to go with it. It's also a way to let you branch out and take on new skillsets you might not have conquered in your current space of work.
The Perks
So what all can you get from learning new skills? Or even perfecting/certifying the ones you already have? A lot comes from putting your abilities on paper. Displaying you've earned a certificate can go a long ways. It can impress customers, prove to a franchising brand that you're well educated and willing to work, and it can better prepare you for future business development.
In many careers, continuing education is required – while this might not be the case as a business owner, choosing to grow as a student still offers personal and professional advancement. You can learn new things, focus your mindset toward a particular subject, hone areas that you might not be as proficient at completing. You can show your value as an owner, and as an employee, and you can provide a good example for those who work under your wing. As well as giving yourself a leg up on the competition.
Additionally, attending classes in person and online (through group chatter) can introduce you to valuable business relationships. You never know who you might meet or what type of connections you might be able to make, especially those that can pay off (mutually) in the future.
A Well-Rounded Resume
As a new franchisee, you want to impress others. Just like applying for any new job, you want to ensure you are as qualified as possible and that you host a wide set of abilities. This proves one is equipped to take on as many situations that will come their way, and that they have the want to learn and grow in a position.
Meanwhile, collect and display certificates to prove value to customers. However, simply networking and enrolling in new programs will help show a spark to all around. Besides, when a vendor comes knocking or the city council needs a volunteer , you can impress them with your vast and credited abilities.
Food for the Soul
Another perk to continuing your education is that of challenging your mind. Though franchising comes with many problems to actively solve and prevent -- a joy on its own -- sometimes you just need some variety. Take an opportunity to sit in the student seat and to choose a subject outside your comfort zone. The class in only temporary, after all, and once completed, will leave you refreshed and energized to take on the job you're already so skilled at doing.
If you're not already continuing your education in some shape or form, it's a good concept to consider during business ownership. Take a look at available options for a boost to franchising ventures.

By Bethaney Wallace | Apr 27, 2018 | General Franchise Information