Pep Talks to Give Yourself After a Bad Day

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Pep Talks to Give Yourself After a Bad Day
Some days, work isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Things break, people have bad attitudes, and all around, work just didn’t go like it was supposed to. It's enough to put you into a funk – especially when more than one bad thing took place; instances seem to stack upon one another. All-in-all, it got you down in the dumps.
Franchising days like these happen. In fact, they're expected. This is true of everything you do, not just with work. The key is how you get out of these situations and what you do to turn them around. Such as pepping yourself back up!
Choosing to stay angry can prolong a bad day, even have the ability to hurt your brand. But opting to overcome, however, can make you feel better, turn your company into a stronger, more successful location, and it builds character. Meaning the next time something undesirable pops up, you and your employees will be better equipped to handle an event, without letting it get in your way.
Whether or not you believe in giving your own self a pep talk (yeah it's cheesy, so what!), having a general positive attitude can do wonders. Look to these motivating themes and use them for a self pick-me-up the next time your day gets you down. You don't have to say these speeches out loud, but even just thinking them can get you (and your business) back where you need to be. 
It'll Be Over Soon
Cliché? Maybe. True? Yes. Whatever has got you in a rut, it's about to be over. Remember that setbacks in business are temporary, and by focusing on the good that's ahead instead can do wonders for your attitude.
Just One More Thing … or Five More Things
When it's the end of the day and all you want to do is go home and zone out after a terrible day, the last tasks will suddenly feel excruciating. Consider them your light at the end of the tunnel and focus on using them to motivate yourself for a quicker way to be done for the day.
All You've Accomplished
Some days when things seem especially dreary, the best way to approach the day is by focusing on everything good that you've done. Choose a single day – or your entire life (depending on how dire you might feel at the time) – and count the good, one-by-one. Whenever needed, you can lean on each of those accomplishments to jumpstart your day.
Remember: You started this business. You were handpicked by your franchise. You flourished at such-and-such career. You earned X awards. You have friends and family who are glad to have you in their life. Look at all the hardships you've overcome to-date and help them fuel you to keep on going. After all, you have many good traits; sometimes you just need a reminder.
Tomorrow's Got to Go UP!
When you hit rock bottom, there's only one direction left, right? This isn't the most positive thought process, "No way this can possibly get worse so it has to get better," but then again, sometimes that's just what we need.
And when you're feeling your absolute worst, you take what you can get. Nothing wrong with getting by until things turn around.
Leave and Do Something Else
At perhaps a last-case scenario, it's time for a change of scenery. You tried being positive, you tried staying upbeat, and yet the hits just kept on coming. Obviously that outcome is not ideal, but it's no reason to lose progress, either. Instead, call it a day. Pack up your work, if it's still during business hours leave someone else in charge (or simply take a long break), and do something different. Get lunch, book a massage, go for a run – whatever it is that helps you relax, decide to do that instead. It will be good for the spirits, and good for your business to step away when you're not mentally prepped to be successful.
Over time, you'll develop a routine for pepping yourself back up. It's learned behavior, and just as you'll grow into a franchising rhythm, you'll become better at reversing each bad day.
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By Bethaney Wallace | Sep 07, 2018 | General Franchise Information