Ongoing Lessons to Teach Yourself During Your Franchise Career

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Ongoing Lessons to Teach Yourself During Your Franchise Career
We never stop learning. There's an incredible amount of truth in the old saying. The one that lets us know, "You learn something new every day." The question becomes not if it happens, however, but whether or not we're open to learning said things.
Those who remain willing to accept and take on new skills can find growth in their personal lives, and in their professional establishment … no matter how long they've been around the block. Meanwhile, refusal to hear others out or to try things differently can leave you stubborn-headed and missing out on some great opportunities.
Consider that your first franchising lesson. If you don't already live by a rule of thumb that you can always learn more, burn it into your brain. Accepting others' methods, ideals, and more can leave you with less stress, better ways to work, improved forms of efficiency, and inspired on a daily basis. With new ideas constantly flowing in, you never know when something might spark. Meanwhile, if you stick to a static routine, there is never anything fresh to spice up your ways of thinking.
Along those same lines, you never know who might pen the best new thing. Even a brand-new employee is capable of creative thoughts; don't discount someone just because they have less experience, whether in your particular work force, or life itself (AKA young’uns). Keep your ears and your eyes open at all times so you'll never miss out on the next best franchising thing. You never know who might be its creator!
Good customer service can go a long way. Even if you don't have a product in stock, or don't offer a particular service, it's infinitely more valuable to provide help/advice. Offer to order said product, share when it will come in, or provide your best knowledge on where to find it. Proving that you're willing to help – in the long run, not just that second – will help build customer trust. This holds far more value than a single sale. Keep this motto round-the-clock to create business stability that lasts.
Cut your best shoppers a deal. It might seem counterproductive to give items away or to offer them at a discount, but doing so can create loyalty. For those who shop your franchise most often, this can be an easy and effective kickback. It's also an instant boost to their mood, and might prompt them to buy more … if not today, the next time they stop in.
You'll also want to remember familiar faces, stay friendly, and if you can, recall details about each shopper. For instance, what they order, important personal facts they might share, and more. Doing so will show you care and that you actually listen. This is just one more step in showing how committed you are to the trade, and to making sure everyone is happy with your services.
Finally, stop to consider how much you get done in a day. When you own your own business, your work is never done. Yet you will (and should) reach a definite pause every single day. Failing to be "finished" will only cause stress and to bring work home. Instead, accomplish a certain amount, then get out of work mode and into time off. This will create much needed "down" time, and give your body and brain the break it needs to remain productive.
You work hard; give yourself breaks as they come to keep the workday fresh.
As a business owner, there will always be more to learn. Take these lessons into account, and more, in order to gain from your experiences both personally and professionally. This is an effective and easy way to make the most of your franchise, while continuing to improve yourself on a daily basis.

By Bethaney Wallace | Dec 20, 2017 | General Franchise Information