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No, You Shouldn’t Worry About an Income as a Franchisee: Here’s Why
With any career change comes stress and worries that something won’t work out. That, variables that are out of our control, will prove to be too much and bring your operation to a screeching halt. A reality that would leave you without an income, and huge loan payments to fulfill. It’s these fears – these incredibly dramatic and far-fetched fears – that keep many from pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. Despite their unlikelihood of actually taking place … besides, thoughts like these bring on unnecessary stress – stress about a business that does not yet exist.
But as we often find out the hard way, living in fear will get you nowhere, whether personally or professionally. Besides, as an entrepreneur, you are in charge of your own destiny, leaving those fears to be moot.
Why the Dollars Will Keep Flowing
One of your biggest setbacks might be the idea of no paycheck. Where, if you make a leap and head into self-employment, you’ll lose a steady income. However, that’s a type of logic that’s approaching your entrepreneurship all wrong. You are in charge of what takes place, good or bad. You’re not relying on a boss or a big company to ensure you have dollars flowing into your account; you are that big boss.
With the “fear” and understanding that you provide your own way of living, you’ll be motivated to work harder and longer days. But unlike a “steady” job, you can greatly increase your paychecks. If you worked longer at an hourly job, you might get time-and-a-half for clocking in on days off. But there is a limit to how many dollars you could earn in this fashion … and they’re taxed much higher. But when you’re the boss, the more your business makes, the more you make. No strings attached.
What better motivation to a job well done can there be? Success and cash will do wonders for your willingness to work.
Logistics in Place
Another perk to your franchise is that the work you’ve done will continue to build upon itself. Online posts will remain active for the duration of the Internet – potential customers can search and find them at any time. Happy customers will continue to return for business, while word of mouth will only continue to expand your reach. All you have to do is maintain standards and grow your company in a way that you, as its owner, sees fit.
In other words, you’re not starting from scratch. The work you put in is going toward something that will continue to benefit your cause for years to come. Yes, business will fluctuate, and some weeks will pull in more dollars than others, but as a presence, you will only continue to increase your chance at profits.
You Are Your Worst Enemy … And Your Biggest Asset
The main take-away to business ownership is that you are in charge of the future. Set goals and then take valid steps in order to make it happen … including your income. With your franchising brand in tow, you have the confidence to understand that you’re not opening up shop with no experience. You have the knowhow and the muscle to make great things happen. With hard work and effort  you’ll never have to worry about a “steady” check again.
Franchising is a great way to create business growth without taking on all of the risk toward a new venture. To expand your prospects and to start working toward self-reliant funds, learn more through our contact tab. 

By Bethaney Wallace | Nov 10, 2017 | General Franchise Information