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Manage Your Management Time With New Tech
With today’s available technologies, there are tons of ways to keep track of your time commitments – both in scheduling phases, and after your tasks have been completed. There are online calendars, apps, even entities that sync to every single electronic device you own – all with efforts to remind you of upcoming appointments or meetings. These programs are so comprehensive that they can reach into virtually every section of your life. They remind, nudge, notify, and help schedule future events. All from whatever platform you most prefer.
But have you started utilizing those new technologies yet? And if so, to what degree?
On one end of the spectrum, folks are still writing down appointments on a paper calendar. This leaves a single copy of all their events, times, commitments, and more. While it’s understandable that some enjoy the simplicity – or even the feel of a paper calendar – what would happen if that same schedule got lost? Or if an event’s details were written down incorrectly? It’s likely that the owner would end up with all types of issues or missed events. It would also leave them without a way to follow up and see what had happened and what dates.
Then there are those who have everything from their emails to their fitness trackers linked to a virtual schedule, pulling in and notifying them of as many details as often as possible.
The most of the population, however, is somewhere in-between. Maybe you’ve used calendar events in the past. Like when someone specifically invited you. Maybe you sometimes set alarm reminders, but easily forget to log them in. Or you’ve dabbled in the electronic side but couldn’t get the hang of it – and were always waiting to find a better way.
The good news, however, is that there are so many programs available that you can easily find one to meet your scheduling needs.
Why Electronic Calendars are Important
No matter what level of e-scheduling you’ve done, it’s good to understand why they can help manage your time. First off, these programs allow you to sign into account and put your dates into a server. Unless you’re some type of spy with a top-secret agenda, this method is purely beneficial: it allows you to access important info from any number of locations. And you can check back in and see where you were on any given day at any given time.
If you lose your computer or your phone is out of juice, you can still check in and see whatever info you might needs. These types of programs also allow you to update meeting details, add notes, and even share entire details or location specs with others. Invite them directly and create RSVPs to your event and/or whereabouts.
You can also ask to be notified if you double book. Or, choose to go a different route altogether and use a program that helps you best manage your time. (Don’t worry, many offer both so you don’t have to overlap aps.) This can work in tandem with your scheduling program, or it can be separate in and of itself. Log hours and assign categories to every single minute of the day, or simply take notes and gain an understanding of how hours could be better spent. Over time you will be able to recognize patterns, and you can see where your time is wasted, and where it’s used most efficiently.
Keeping regular tabs is one way to constantly update your work efficiency, and it will allow you to streamline tasks.  As you’re working deeper into your franchise ownership, start looking toward these types of trackers for an affordable and effective way to keep track of time.  

Posted on Friday November 3, 2017 by Staff to General Franchise Information