Little-Known Traits That Make Your Franchise a Success

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Little-Known Traits That Make Your Franchise a Success

As you're starting your franchise location, you might be wondering what it is you don't know. What is that secret sauce of success that others seem to have, and how can you get some? Or more realistically, you might wonder if there's a secret sauce at all. These, of course, are all normal questions for new business owners to hold. Full of excitement and ready to take on hard work, you want to know every possible thing about starting your business before you ever open up your doors.

That's just smart. Why not get as much info up front as possible?

Of course, there is no secret sauce, at least not a coat-all magic kind. There are ideas and tactics that each brand has that makes their wheels keep turning. And as you sign up with a particular brand, they will absolutely make you privy to this information. But as an overall blanket, what makes the dollars roll in?

It's the small things, the attention to detail, and the focusing on what others might overlook.

Traits to Look for

Things that might feel seemingly small to you might make wonders to the customer. Ensure your employees are friendly and polite. Check that restrooms are clean at all times, and so on. Even if you have few customers who step foot inside your office (such as a service business); it's small details like these that can make or break a brand.

Find ways to bring in extra business, especially during slow periods of the day. If you see you rarely do business between 3 and 4 pm, offer that hour for free estimates or a happy hour with a service discount. Don't be afraid to get creative; you're main goal is to draw in more shoppers when they otherwise wouldn't have shopped.

Next, keep pens at the counter or on service members when customers are checking out. Have them carry a signing board that's easy to write with. Seemingly unimportant (no?), yet it allows customers to check out smoothly and without any last-minute hesitations. You're also leaving with a great impression – not as the waitress who was thoughtless to take off without leaving a pen. (Or worse, one that doesn't work.)

Another way to bring in business that you might not think about is to build camaraderie, a loyal base. What makes folks want to come back (or reenlist with your services?). Do you have a cool atmosphere? A fun building? Games? Customers like fun and they enjoy out of the ordinary; look for a way to draw them in with something that no one else can offer.

Now it's time to look at satisfaction. Obviously you want customers to be happy with your products or services. But how often are you following up? Aside from formal complaints, look at things like body language, return stats, and more. If you aren't already tracking how many customers come back (and how often), find a way to start. This will give you a better idea of what you're dealing with and areas that need to be improved.

Are you wondering what else you could be missing? What else is hiding out there that could help your business? One of your biggest tools out there is your curiosity and your willingness to learn. Skills and moves that can grow your franchise will be specific to your location and industry. Take time to research what's available, what the competition is doing, and more. By staying ahead of the game, you can easily grow your brand on a regular basis. This will take hard work and dedication, but as a franchisee, those are aspects you've already considered.

It's simply one more way to help bring your business to new heights.

Look at these skills and how you can incorporate them into your own brand. To learn more about franchising or growing your very own branch, contact us today.

By Bethaney Wallace | Jun 15, 2018 | General Franchise Information