How to Utilize Part-Timers in your Franchise Business

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How to Utilize Part-Timers in your Franchise Business
Part timers and are invaluable asset as a business owner. With flexible workloads and schedules, part timers can pick up slack when you need them. They can fill in a need and ultimately help your business run efficiently.
You might need them during a busy season, when you’re away in a vacation, when other employees need time off, and more. The important thing, however, is that they exist and are on your team.
From a more logistical standpoint, part-timers are ideal in that they can earn a smaller paycheck, nor do they earn benefits. As an employer, this can free up a lot of money by not setting up health or monetary benefits in the frontend. But it also frees you up from doing paperwork and other task-heavy setups like signing up employees for all of the necessary programs.
As you’re hiring, consider seasonal and hourly workers as a viable option. In fact, you might start out with only hourly workers. If you think about it, they're perfect for a new franchise. Part-time employees are looking for extra work; many of these pros will already have full time careers where they flourish. If they're looking to make a little extra money, you should be happy to hire them on and take advantage of their expertise. Part-timers also have flexible schedules, for instance, college or high school students who have studies to focus on, but still want to make money. These learning, young folks can be trained to work hard, learn how to be their best, and how to contribute to your franchise location in the process. They might take some coaching, but young workers are also easier to mold; older and more experienced applicants can be set in their ways and less likely to adjust.
In any case, using hourly hires can help flush out your employee needs while providing you access to some seriously talented people. It can be an effective way to groom employees for full-time jobs and it can allow you to remain fully staffed at all times, whether or not you have the salary workers to back you up.
Talk to your franchising brand and see what's generally expected for your field. How many does it take to run the show? How many hours a week are necessary? How many people? What skills are required in your franchising industry? And more. Of course, you'll need to adjust with time, but this is a great starting point.
As you start getting busier, take on a single part-time employee. This is great for you because it allows you to field the overflow without a big investment, monetarily or by going through a lengthy onboarding process for someone you won't need long term (or who doesn't work out long term). Feel out the surge in business – if it's here to stay, either get someone full time, or use multiple part-time workers to help with the excess business.
This trial and error process of easing into the new workload allows you to scale, but without going too big too fast. Instead that slow, steady growth that lasts. There's nothing that says you can't or won't find quick growth with your franchise, however, even when that is the case, hourly workers allow you to steadily scale your brand.
Part-timers can be an ideal way to run your franchise successfully, especially when starting out or during busy periods.

By Bethaney Wallace | Sep 18, 2018 | General Franchise Information