How to Use Your Experience in Your Favor

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How to Use Your Experience in Your Favor
Your past jobs can offer you an incredible amount of support when you're the business owner. No matter what type of job(s) you've had, you can bring what you learned into your business and you can apply that knowledge to your new business. You need to be able to use that knowledge in the most effective way possible.
What is the right way to go about utilizing those experiences?
Getting fired may have helped you develop patience or more insight into your strengths and weaknesses.
You may have developed a deep knowledge about a specific operations task such as cooking or managing people.
When you own the business, you can't do everything.
When you are the business owner, you can take on tasks that you are good at and find someone else to do those tasks that you don't understand.
You can also assign tasks that you don't like to do. That's your privilege as the owner.
You may be rusty. Certain tasks won't be like riding a bike – they will take time and effort to get back into the swing of things. Others you can pick up more quickly.
Running the books, working a cash register, taking phone calls, or planning an efficient schedule may be familiar to you. If you already have experience in these areas, you can expedite the re-learning process. You won't be starting from scratch; you'll be drawing from that experience to grow your ongoing skillset.
Don't overlook any former position. Every job you've ever had, in some way, has shaped your professionalism. Some may have even taught you what not to do in a situation.
Now that you're the boss and the one who is responsible for ensuring that everything falls into place, you can take those same skills to the next level. Because there's more at risk, you'll try harder, work longer, and put in more effort all-around. You have more than enough motivation to put together a profitable franchise branch.
Finally, don't forget that every step you take is one in the right direction. You have learned what should or should not have done with your business. The franchise company that you have teamed with can help you blend your experience with the business operation tasks. Take your experiences, new and old, into consideration with each business move you make. Remember to use that title, owner, in addition to every title that you have ever had, to grow your new business.

By Jason Hightower | Nov 01, 2016 | General Franchise Information