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How to Transition From Your Old Job into Your Dream Job
There comes a time in every franchisee’s career where they must choose between the job they have and the job they want. The job that they have is stable, it makes an income, and it might even come with some added benefits (health, dental, 401K, etc.), it’s familiar. There’s have a routine; the day is predictable. Leaving it brings on many risks.
The problem, however, is that you have that other job that you want. Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business. It doesn’t pay the bills (yet), but it’s a goal. It’s something you strive for, something you desperately want.
The two cannot co-exist. It’s one or the other, and you know that, eventually, the steady and “just for now” job has got to go. But how do you make the transition? When should you do it? And how do you work up the courage to leave what’s working, for something you’d prefer?
First off, get in the right state of mind. Remember that your business is the goal. This is the job you’ve always wanted, the reason you’re daydreaming and wishing for something more. Your current job might be profitable, but it’s not fulfilling. Staying put will leave you nowhere else than where you sit today: wanting for something bigger and better.
Next, it’s time to realize that leaving a career isn’t as scary as you might think. Yes, really. In fact, it’s exciting! Branching out gives you the opportunity to tackle the job you want. It lets you learn and grow as an entrepreneur. It’s the goal you’ve been dreaming about for years.
Moving From One Job to the Next
Now comes the detailed part. Every situation will be different when moving from one job to the next. Depending on your boss, hours, work commitments, etc., you will vary in this journey.
In beginning stages of franchising, set aside a few hours each week. Use your lunch break, early mornings, even weekends to get things done. Here you’re researching your brand, setting up paperwork and logistics, and more. You should also be padding your savings account at this time. Eat fewer meals out, cut down on unnecessary expenses, and put away as much as possible. Those savings will help be the cushion for any gap period between jobs (once you quit vs. opening day), as well as leaner, early months.
Then it’s going to become more of a balance. As more hours are required of you, it will be harder to get it all done. Consider taking some time off work, or power through on less sleep as your franchise nears closer to reality. (You can do it!)
But then comes a point where it’s make or break. Either your franchise is requiring so much of your time that you can no longer fulfill your duties at your previous job, or you’re nearing an opening date and need to give them your final notice. If your boss is on board, consider working part time with your old job while they transition in someone new (while still getting your expertise on projects, etc.). If they’re not game, you’ve got to cut the ties. It has to happen eventually – it’s how you move forward with your dream – but you also want to time it to work in your favor.
Now it’s nearly time to open and your time is fully devoted to your franchise. There might be a few lean months, but that’s what your savings are for. Besides, you’re going after your dream; there’s no monetary value on happiness. In the meantime, you’re living your job! You have the career you’ve always wanted! It’s finally a reality, and you’re the reason it’s all happening.
If you’re tired of saying “what if” about your entrepreneurial dreams, it’s time to say, “Why not now?” While your old job will ease you into this changing path in a supportive and flourishing way.
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By Bethaney Wallace | Sep 19, 2017 | General Franchise Information