How to Start a Franchise in Your Free Time

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How to Start a Franchise in Your Free Time

It doesn't take a lot of time or weekly commitment to start a franchise, it just takes a lot of dedication. So often folks mention that they would love to franchise "if they had the time," but ultimately it's the fear of committing X number of hours on a regular basis that scares them away. However, that's also a myth that this is required of you as a franchisee. Sure you need to be available and accountable for tasks getting done, and on time. But who says you have to do all of them at once?

First things first – let's look at what and how much free time you have to begin with. This is an important factor in determining what time you have to spare. And of course there are projects or hobbies that you might have that you’re unable to give up: don’t mistake this time as “free” in that tasks still need to be accomplished. It's not so much free time as it is allotted for X or Z.

However, time that is extra — whether it’s five minutes or five hours — can be utilized toward building your franchise business. Dedicate yourself here and there and before you know it, you will have made real progress toward your franchise business!

Once this time has been outlined you can move forward by listing what availability you have to spare and on what days. This can allow you to create a set schedule — for instance, if you wish to work on your business on Tuesdays or evenings, you can know ahead of time that that's when you will sit down to flush out your franchise.

In the beginning stages especially, these hours here and there can really work toward overall progress. You will slowly work at various tasks, eventually getting your business further and further along. The more you're able to do up front, the less you will have to do down the line. Accomplishing tasks now will free up even more time later, but it will also better prepare you and your business for future growth.

It's also a good idea to look at what needs to be done and how you can split it into smaller timelines. If you're a planner, use a scheduler app or program to help time out your mini milestones. Then again, you might simply sit down and work as much as you can and accomplish a particular amount before moving on to the next bullet point. There's no right or wrong approach.

Your method or preferences don't so much matter as the fact that you are working toward your overall goal of business ownership. That and that you can use free time here and there to accomplish a bigger goal of becoming a franchisee. As you work down your to-do list, the mountain of franchising will become smaller over time. It's a great way to give yourself peace of mind and lower the stress level of having much to do. Meanwhile, you are still working toward your ideal career.

When working with a franchising company, it's important to remember that they might have their own timeline in check. Be sure to follow up and see if they do or don't have specific deadlines. However, this model is still great in beginning stages, especially when researching or before signing your paperwork.

Remember that you don't have to quit your full time job to become a franchisee, especially during the get-go. You can use your schedule in your favor to grow your brand and get it up and running – all in your free time.



By Bethaney Wallace | Mar 22, 2019 | General Franchise Information