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Ahh the middle of a pandemic – strange events by the day and a reality where no one knows what’s “normal” or when things will feel “normal” again. It’s everyone’s ideal to start a business, right? In reality, no, it’s probably not everyone’s ideal time to start up a franchise business. But that also means the competition is slim – while everyone else is running away scared, you’re creating progress for your career. 

Don’t get bogged down in the pandemic and think about it as a reason you shouldn’t move forward with your dream of a franchise location. But think about why, even when the odds are seemingly against us, you should do it anyway.

Power through and find a way to create franchising success with your future business for a chance to thrive in the job you’ve always wanted.

Starting a Franchise Location During COVID-19
It’s true, by now, everyone is tired of hearing about (reading about, talking about) the coronavirus. It’s the dead horse that’s been beaten over and over again; the broken record that won’t stop playing. But as tired as we are of hearing about it, that doesn’t make it gone. It’s still a relevant topic because, well, it’s still happening. It’s still part of the daily norm that affects us personally, and as future business owners. 
That doesn’t mean we stop, however. It means we work around the pandemic and allow it to lead us in the right direction. 

For example: when considering industries, look at what brands are thriving right now. That’s where you want to be. Starting a franchise location in the movie theater business or something that requires crowds of people, simply not an option – or smart – in current times. Again, use the pandemic as part of your market research. Look at what industries are driving dollars. This is where you will find success. Yes, even during a pandemic. 

The secret is opening the right business in the right location. For instance, one town might be in need of a burger joint that delivers – the next town over might have 10. Look at what’s drawing shoppers, even when folks are only shopping at “essential” businesses. Then, research what’s needed in your location of choice. Even an essential franchise won’t help if an area is already swamped with the industry. 

Thankfully, your franchise location will provide their own market research, too, so you can trust on their professional advice as to whether or not you’re choosing a sustainable industry, even in changing markets. 

Follow Social Distancing Protocol
Next, consider how and where you need to distance yourself as a franchisee. Consider what steps need to be taken next, and how you can implement them while still remaining compliant to state or county regulations. The good news is that everyone has been doing this long enough that work-arounds exist. Companies, contractors, business offices, etc. – they all have set standards that can allow you to make progress, without putting anyone at risk.

When using various services, follow their lead and allow them to work with their safety standards. You can also look up changing standards from the CDC or the state in which your business will be located. Roll-out plans have been steadily shifting and changing, so it’s important to stay up to date with your upcoming franchise. 

Play into the Pandemic with Your Franchise Marketing
Finally, don’t overlook the obvious. The coronavirus is affecting everyone, especially your customers; don’t sweep this fact under the rug. Acknowledge what’s happening and consider how you can help make things easier for them. Discuss your safety standards and distancing practices, and more. 

Future franchise customers want to be made comfortable with the status quo. Don’t put too much weight on the heavy stuff, but don’t brush past it either. Calmly discuss the necessities, and remember the things that are shaping your customers’ daily decisions. 

Opening your franchise location in the height of a pandemic is not only doable, we recommend it! Consider how you can plan around some of the challenges that have been brought on by COVID-19, but also consider how opening your franchise location could create work growth, new opportunities, and a chance to fulfill your work aspirations. 

By Bethaney Wallace | Dec 4, 2020 | General Franchise Information