How to Navigate Current Events in Your Franchise Location

Strategy Meeting

Today's status quo is keeping us busier than ever. With headlines that change by the minute, it's likely that we've never seen so much political movement in our lifetime. Paired with ongoing medical changes and state guidelines that limit movement, gathering options, and more, and there's much to keep up with. Especially as a franchisee.

Between protesting and the pandemic, business owners must account for two major changes in public opinion. Changes that, a few months ago, were unheard of. This means that decisions are being made rapidly, in addition to adjusting for or realities in live time.

As a franchisee, you might be wondering how to take a stand, but without hurting your business. You might be wondering if you should make waves or simply stay quiet and avoid causing a stir. You might be wondering how to use your business as a platform in order to reach the most ears.

Every business owner has approached these current events differently. Your core values will determine the best decision for you, and your franchising brand can help you make that path a reality. Talk with them to discuss your options so you can pair their stance along with personal beliefs.

Protocol With Your Franchising Brand

First things first, what does your franchising brand have to say about it? Current franchisees should learn any and all brand protocol for either speaking out (or keeping quiet) so they can remain compliant with their company's standards.  

Alternatively, new franchisees should look at these standards so they can find a brand in which their ideas align.

Once you're on the same page with your franchising brand, it's time to consider advertising, using marketing to help your cause, or avoiding controversy altogether and simply staying quiet. Whether you prefer to be a help a cause or wait out the storm, it's important to stay in tune with what's taking place. You don't want to accidentally offend and put your business in danger.

Read headlines, follow the local news, and stay in close contact with your high-ups at your franchising brand to learn about the best protocol and how it might be changing with current events.

Keep Your Franchising Employees on the Same Page

In America, everyone has the right to free speech. But you should also be aware of how your workers' free speech can affect your brand. They are a reflection of you and your company while at work. Then when not at work, their personal choices could affect their ability to get to work on time or remain focused.

Without infringing on any rights or taking away personal time, talk with your employees about what's expected of them at work. Remind them to remain respectful. If their ideas are challenged at work, go over polite ways wherein they can still voice their opinions. As a franchise owner it's important to let your workers be heard, but without putting your business in jeopardy in the process.

If needed, call a company meeting to discuss desired protocol. You can also offer a recorded message that you can email out to all. With sensitive subjects in play, a personalized message might hit harder than a written email. Reminders can also be placed in shared workspaces, including messages that encourage their beliefs.

Respect and Push Forward with Your Franchise

Remember that not everyone will agree – this is true of all major events. However, it's important to always remain respectful. Even if a customer speaks out or acts unkindly, as a franchisee, you have to take the high road. Set a plan in place for calling reinforcements or escorting them out of the business.

Now, more than ever, how we act is put to public scrutiny. Don’t give nay-sayers a chance to disrespect your business, even when you're not at fault.

It's time to use the status quo in your business. Use your beliefs and put them into action. Donate services or products. Place signage. Offer discounts. Or simply encourage others.

Through this massive change in history, it's time to acknowledge the status quo and keep your company thriving in the process.

By Bethaney Wallace | Jun 19, 2020 | General Franchise Information