How to Love Your Brand Even Before it's Yours

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How to Love Your Brand Even Before it's Yours
There's a science and a psychology behind getting excited. Where endorphins are released and chemicals transfer into different sections of the brain – science. This is true for everyone. What differs, however, is what gets one excited. Someone might love baseball, while another prefers arts and crafts, and so on. Their own particular interests get them going, starting the entire brain process all over again.
But it's not just hobbies that can excite you; it's work and professional responsibilities, too. Starting your own business is definitely exciting – it's new, it's unique, it's a chance to branch out on your own. And that's only the beginning. The hard part, however, might be the fear of getting up your hopes too quickly – especially before it's a done deal.
To get yourself excited about your franchising brand early on, and to avoid an epic letdown, take these thoughts into consideration. Even from day one.
Choosing Your Brand
First things first – chose a brand you already know and respect. Or, if they're new or you're looking into a budding industry, foster that respect. Learn as much about the brand as possible, including its history and how they got started. Then move on to what they stand for and company morals.
Understanding all of this from day one will grow your love and admiration for your potential brand. It will also better prepare you to become their franchisee.
In the same light, should you find information you're not happy to come across, it's likely not a good fit. Go into this process with an open mind and then make an informed decision about whether or not you're working toward an ideal fit.
Initial Steps
Now that you've chosen a brand, it's time to start moving forward. If you haven't already contacted them, reach out and express your interest. Be honest and as transparent as possible.
In the same light, take good notes on how the brand operates and how they look to you as a franchisee. This combination of sharing your own experience, but while still learning theirs, can leave you with more info about the brand. It can also leave you better equipped to work with them in particular. After all, you'll know more than someone coming in cold – this will ensure the process can move quickly.
In turn, this step can make you love a brand all on its own. Simply by opening the lines of communication, you can grow yourself as a potential business owner, as well as one who works for company X.
Looking at the Future
Now, it's time to dream big. Once your initial stages have started with a franchising brand and you're looking to move forward, take time to dream about the future. Think about how many customers you'll serve, how quickly your shop can expand, how you can run a tight and efficient ship – one that's profitable and drawing in new and repeat customers alike.
In order to stay responsible, you can also set goals and create steps that can help get you there. Decide how you'd like your company to promote, and so on.
These initial "dreaming" days are what will motivate you from here on out – and it's achievable! Dream big and create a world that you can not only build in your own time, but can get excited about. This will be a huge source of motivation on hard days of work, and it will help you love your company even more.
Opening Up Shop
By now, you're invested – you're more than invested, actually. You're all in. And it's time to spread your enthusiasm with the rest of the world, including customers. Your love for what you do will spread like it's contagious; it will be obvious that your whole heart and soul is buried within this brand.
That fact alone will bring in repeat business; it will encourage others to share their great experience, and more. All while allowing you to love your upcoming brand – and your new job – along every step of the way.

By Bethaney Wallace | Apr 10, 2018 | General Franchise Information