how much do you know?

How Much Do You Know About the Franchise World?
It takes all kinds – in business and in any aspect of life. There are those who are good at math, those who have incredible people skills. Others who know how to best work on logistics and saving company funds. It’s with these combined skill sets that companies are able to best thrive, and to grow into something even bigger and more successful. One of the hard parts, however, is determining which skills you (or your branch) are best at, and which ones should be outsourced to others. By accurately evaluating these skills, professionals can greatly expand their own talents, while also finding a way to compliment others’ abilities. And just like every other type of pro, there are those who excel at pointing out their own shortcomings, while others find their specialists elsewhere.
So the question must be asked. Before even beginning to franchise, or to venture into the world of self-employment. How much do you know about franchising? What are your top market-able skills? (Are they related to how much you know? Or could they be expanded once learning more?) And what are the best ways to cash in on each of these talents? Specifically, of course, in the land of franchising/working through an already established brand.
In order to find out your knowledge base, start with the basics. When someone brings up franchising in conversation, how much are you able to contribute? Do you know the basics? Where you can list a few top brands and know that they are ran by a corporate chain, but have little else to provide? Or do you dig in deep? Knowing how contracts work, approximately what’s expected of a franchisee, and about how long it takes to become successful? In all likelihood, it’s somewhere in-between. Where you don’t have hard facts, but you also don’t know nothing.
If it helps, make a quick list of some of your top franchising facts. Jot down each point as it comes to mind and see how many you are able to come up with total. If you are having a hard time adding to the list, give yourself several days or a week until it’s complete. Or, if you’re satisfied with the list, stop and evaluate it immediately. Either way, once your list is complete, look at how long it’s become. However, it’s not just length that you should consider, but detail. If you have a long list that is also full of details, it’s likely that you know quite a bit about the franchising world. But if your list is short (or long but vague), it might be time to do some serious research. Supplementing the abilities of others with your own strong points.
Knowing more about franchising as a whole can help make your business transition an easier one. Whether it’s knowledge that you already have or you take the time in order to do some serious research, understanding the franchise world on a deeper level can help you set yourself (and others) up for success. It’s a step that can help you better evaluate your own skills while helping others achieve theirs as well.
Like any aspect in business, franchising is a program that requires certain skills – at a variety that requires us to speak with others who have a more thorough level of experience. Work your approach from all angles – your own specialties as well as others’ – in order to find the best possible outcome, and the widest level of viable working assets.

By Bethaney Wallace | Apr 4, 2016 | General Franchise Information