How Mobile is Your Future Franchise?

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How Mobile is Your Future Franchise?
Convenience is the way of the future. Thanks to technology, ease of accessibility, and a culture that is all about "right now," businesses are making things happen in real-time for their customers. That means more of what the public wants, when they want it. (As well as instant feedback on outlets like social media.)
As a franchising location (or a future franchising location), that means you have the option to provide services in ways that are current with the time. And it's up to you to determine whether you want to make them available, or if you'd prefer a more traditional approach, such as brick and mortar.
One of the biggest aspects to real-time businesses is accessibility. Not only in the way your customers reach you, but in how you reach them. Do you text? Do you send email updates or even discounts to repeat customers? Do you have a vehicle where you can deliver or provide services on the spot? Depending on your type of industry, this may or may not have been something you've considered. But with all the trends turning in this direction, it's high time you thought of it a little more thoroughly.
Examples of Mobility
For instance, if you're a restaurant franchisee, have you considered a food truck? At the very least, what about a drive through? Drive-up delivery parking stalls? Retail providers can sell items online, or you can attend local booths or pop-up events to attain more customers, and offer an easier time for them to shop. (If for no other reason than showing up to where they're already at.) Meanwhile, service companies can travel to the customer; there are vans or trucks (phone and computer repair, dog groomers, etc.) who park at various spots throughout town to appeal to a wider audience base. Advertise on social media where you'll be, or stick to a set schedule each week.
Meanwhile, on the tech end, you can remain mobile by putting your POS system on a phone or tablet. This helps free up lines, allows multiple customers to pay at once, and it's just plain convenient. (Hello emailed receipts and goodbye hard-to-replace paper rolls!) Shoppers don't even have to go to the counter; you can check them out right in the middle of the store. You can see why this is catching on, right?
Of course, these are simply examples of remaining more mobile. Talk to your franchising brand about their standards, options, and expectations. Research online for franchising trends you most like, and of course, check out the market and see what's best with your particular market.
So… How Mobile Are You?
This might be an obvious answer, but for others, not as much, especially for types of businesses that are more physically bound. (Those who need big equipment, an array of supplies, etc.) You also might have specific requirements – on either end of the spectrum – from your franchising brand. However, it's a good point to know, even if the answer is "not very." Therefore, in the future you can keep in mind just how willing you are to go to the customer, how feasible it might be, and what type of price point you'll be looking at in order to do so. 
There's no denying that mobile is a growing trend among businesses. Brands who deliver and who go straight to the consumer can obtain more customers faster, just by adding a layer of convenience. Then again, there are costs associated with doing so, meaning it's not right for everyone.
Consider your franchise model as a mobile business – even if only on the tech side of things. That way you're aware of up and coming abilities, and know just how easy it will be to get to the customer at any point in time.

By Bethaney Wallace | Apr 20, 2018 | General Franchise Information